What Is The Catholic Jedi Academy?

Welcome Academicians!
Welcome Jedi!

As the "Assistant Headmaster" here at the cyber-artificial-pretend-reality called
The Catholic Jedi Academy
(Where Our Lord Jesus Christ is THE Headmaster)

I am indeed happy to welcome you to our humble apostolate. 
We hope you will enjoy it and be enriched by it as a means of further "training" in our Catholic Faith.

By way of an explanation of this blog, allow me to define some of terms we're using here:

In the Star Wars fictional universe, the Jedi are an ancient monastic
peacekeeping organization known for their observance of “the Force.”

A fictional training establishment in Star Wars fiction.

A title denoting a person’s full membership in an art, literary, scientific or religious academy.

No, we are not baptizing George Lucas’ theosophical religion! 
No, we do not think that Our God is "the Force" or some other electromagnetic entity. 
We are employing the imagery, which so many people
– Catholics, too – know and understand. 

Images are powerful in our society.
Google the word, "Jedi": there are at least 57,300,000 entries!
Images are powerful indeed! 
(Now I'm beginning to sound like Yoda! Forgive me!)
Anyway, we employ some of the highly popular and effective Star Wars imagery, but we convert it with a Catholic intelligence, sensibility, wit and humor.

The "Academy" is a Group Blog. 
Our mission is to encourage and enlighten the Catholic Faithful, and form Catholic "Jedi"
who will champion the Gospel and defend the Sick, the Wounded, the Elderly and the Most Vulnerable. 
Almost forgot:
With some humor and fun along the way!

So, expect to see varied commentary here at the Academy -- on anything, everything. 
We hope to serve Our Lord -- and you -- well!

We welcome your comments.And we encourage discussions among all Jedi Catholics in training at the Academy.(Sorry: no extra credit for that!)

May God Bless This Apostolate!
May God Bless And Protect His Jedi!

Reverend Father James J.M. Reynolds, STB, STL
"The Assistant Headmaster"

Marilyn Heller, ESQ
"Dean" Of The "Faculty Of Law"

Men of The Catholic Jedi Academy are also Men Of Saint Joseph!

Men of The Catholic Jedi Academy are also Men Of Saint Joseph!
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