Thursday, October 30, 2014

Whither Walmart?

The Catholic League put up a post today about some very offensive costumes being sold by Walmart on its website (not sure if they're being sold in the stores as well).  The offending costumes are a Blessed Virgin Mary with blood coming out of her eyes called "Scary Mary" and a racy nun outfit that is called "naughty nun."

According to the Catholic League, when it complained about the offensive items, Walmart responded with this particularly bland reply:
We apologize if we offended you. Because we have multiple buyers of customers, we try to provide them with plenty of options. However, we have documented your concern in order to improve our inventory at and in stores.”
 I say no shopping at Walmart unless they pull these items and respond with a truly sincere apology.  It is getting really irritating how the culture of materialism and greed has replaced all sense of decency and just plain good manners.  Enough is enough!  Let Walmart rely on its "multiple buyers of customers" (whatever that means).  All people of good will should keep their wallets closed until there is a change of attitude.

Just so you can see what Walmart does not consider offensive, here is the image of one of the costumes from the website:

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Unhappy Halloween: Should You Visit Or Stay In A Haunted Place?


Greetings Academicians!

Back in July 2014, I had the pleasure of a brief on-the-air telephone conversation with Drew Mariani on Relevant Radio. (Actually, it was the first time I participated in a radio talk show;  I'm glad it was Drew Mariani's show!)

The topic of our conversation was an incident involving one of Drew's friends.  She had asked his advice concerning an upcoming overnight business meeting required of all the employees.  

She discovered that the hotel they would be staying in was notorious for being haunted:  The Skirvan Hilton Hotel in Oklahoma City. 
The Skirvan Hilton Hotel, Oklahoma City
So notorious and so spirit infested, that several NBA Basketball Team Managers -- after their Teams had frightening overnight experiences in the Skirvan -- notified the hotel's management that their Teams would no longer book rooms there.

Drew related that he advised his friend to stay at a different hotel and just show up at the Skirvan Hotel for all the meetings scheduled there.

Drew went on to explain that even though he knew that his advice about staying at a different hotel was the correct course of action for his friend -- or for any of us -- he said, 

"When we have to take these "better-safe-than-sorry" actions, it feels as if we are giving in to the evil: surrendering, giving power to those dark beings. ...It's like being run out of a hotel room by the legends, myths, stories or encounters others have had.  …I don't like giving in, because I think that is what amplifies, or animates, or gives power to the Evil One: the fact that he loves when we are afraid."

Drew advised his friend not to stay in that hotel.  But Drew confessed, 
"I didn't like the way it made me feel, because I felt I was being a coward." 
Scared senseless by a ghost
Ghost of The Decebal Hotel in Baile Herculane, Romania
Not so, Drew! Not so! You were not being cowardly!  Avoiding locales and buildings which have "ghosts"/evil spirits haunting them is not cowardice, but the height of spiritual prudence, and one of the tactics of preventive spiritual warfare!
Demons are angelic beings. They are  more intelligent than we are, shrewder. They exist outside of time and space, and have observed
human beings since our  Creation. 
The "Shadow Man" Ghost of
The Crescent Hotel, Eureka Spring, Arkansas

They are unmercifully vicious and ruthless. They hate us and want to mislead us, so that they may  destroy us and drag us down into their endless agony, sharing their everlasting punishment. 

To willingly go to a haunted place or building so you may deliberately witness the activities and influence of "ghosts"/evil spirits is extremely reckless and dangerous!

To willingly and recklessly attempt to   communicate with spirits through "New   Age" and spiritualistic practices, or with psychics/mediums, or a Ouija Board is extremely reckless and dangerous!

You ordered room service, sir?  Need a new sheet?
Consider the meaning of the verb, haunt:
Regarding a "ghost": Haunting is the spirit's activity of regularly manifesting itself in a particular locale or in a building.
Regarding human beings: To be haunted is to find oneself being kept persistently and disturbingly present in some memory, idea, emotion, possibility, or fear. 
"Ghosts"/evil spirits/demons are experts in haunting human persons. That is why staying in locales which "ghosts"/evil spirits haunt is a very bad idea.  By doing so, you risk the torment of becoming personally haunted in your mind, memories, and senses by evil spirits/demons! 

That's why the Catholic Church, down through the ages, has wisely warned us to keep away from haunted places, buildings and objects, and to stay far away from so-called psychics/mediums/channelers who willingly act as intermediaries for "ghosts"/evil spirits.

So, cowardice has nothing to do with avoiding haunted places. To keep yourself spiritually safe from the influence of "ghosts"/evil spirits/demons and from their  attacking us , personally, is not only spiritually mature and prudent, it is an obligation!

Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor Plant
Would you willingly go into the reactor vessel room of the Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor -- with no protective clothing -- to peek around for two or three minutes?  If you do, you will not smell anything odd, nor feel anything.  

Nonetheless, during your three minute snoop around, you will have absorbed  deadly invisible forces that will quickly destroy the integrity of your internal organs, bones, and skin. These are the irreversible effects of radiation poisoning. You will be dead in fewer than fourteen days after suffering an excruciatingly painful and depersonalizing illness.

Likewise with "ghosts"/demons! Willfully choosing to wander into their domains will render you "spiritually radioactive."  Like the radioactivity you would carry home with you from Chernobyl, after you visit a haunted place or a psychic/medium,  you will carry home one or more evil spirits who have spiritually attached themselves to you.

Another analogy I often use to guide persons regarding their involvement with haunted places and psychics is this: Evil spirits are like lint! And this demonic lint is extremely difficult to remove from your soul, mind, and memories.

When you willingly go to a haunted place, or stay overnight in a haunted hotel, or go on a "ghost hunting" escapade, or consult psychics/mediums, or use a Ouija Board:

So, dear Academicians, as the mutated, modern version of Halloween fast approaches, please do keep away from areas of spiritual radioactivity -- where demonic lint exists in abundance.  

It is one thing to stay in a place and discover later that the place is haunted.   
It is quite another thing to seek out and enthusiastically rush to the place, knowing that you'll be carting home some frightening new, invisible playmates with you which will guarantee you an Unhappy Halloween!

But, I thought YOU brought the Holy Water!

Men of The Catholic Jedi Academy are also Men Of Saint Joseph!

Men of The Catholic Jedi Academy are also Men Of Saint Joseph!
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