Friday, December 13, 2013

Manger Scene: Joseph

Manger Scene: Joseph
By J. Barrie Shepherd
Copyright 1979: The Christian Century

So where do I stand now?

Oh yes, right here beside Mary. 

I realize that:  
Looking protective, paternal, and just a bit weary, leaning on the staff that holds the lantern. 

But what I mean is, just where do I stand paternity-wise, if you catch my point? 

The angel's message was, the child is God's, not mine, and not to worry. 

All well and good for him to say, but I'm only a rough village carpenter not accustomed even to angels let alone the Son of God.

And what about Mary, my Mary, young, still innocent Mary?  

The child has her open, trusting look -- I'm sure of that already.  

Yet how will Mary be the mother of the Messiah, wipe the tears, and mend the bruises of the Key of David, Israel's hope? 

“Not to worry”... I ask you!

Then where do I begin to explain to the authorities rich gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh?  "Just how did you get your calloused hands on these, Joseph the carpenter?" 
There's a good question to start not worrying about. 

So where do I stand? 

I guess where I began: 
Right here, beside Mary, still protective, paternal, and just a bit worried, leaning on the Lord who sheds his holy light of love upon this scene, and far across our wintered world 
this frigid night.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Blessed Mother's Nightmare

The Blessed Mother’s Nightmare
Author Unknown
   I had a dream, Joseph. I don’t understand it -- not really.  But I think it was about a birthday celebration for Jesus.  I think that was what it was all about.

   The people in the dream had been preparing for it for about six weeks. They had decorated the house and bought new clothes. They'd gone shopping many times and bought elaborate gifts. 

   It was peculiar, though, because the presents weren’t for Jesus.  They wrapped them in beautiful paper and tied them with lovely bows, and stacked them under a tree. Yes, a tree, Joseph, right in their house! They'd decorated the tree also.  The branches were full of glowing balls and sparkling ornaments.  There was a figure on the top of the tree. It looked like an angel might look. 

   Oh, it was beautiful! Everyone was laughing and happy. They were all excited about the gifts. But they gave the gifts to each other, Joseph, not to Jesus. I don't think they even knew Him. They never mentioned His name. 

   Doesn't it seem odd for people to go to all that trouble to celebrate someone's birthday if they don't know Him? I had the strangest feeling that if Jesus had gone to this celebration, He would have been intruding. 

  Everything was so beautiful, Joseph, and everything was so nice, but it made me want to cry.  How sad for Jesus -- not to be wanted at His own birthday party. 

I'm glad it was only a dream.  

How terrible, Joseph, if it had been real. 

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Men of The Catholic Jedi Academy are also Men Of Saint Joseph!
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