Wednesday, October 2, 2013

When Does God Give Us Our Guardian Angel?

One of the most fascinating gifts we receive from God is our guardian angel.  But, when do we receive our guardian angel.... before we're born?  While we're in the womb?  

Peter Kwasniewski at New Liturgical Movement posts an interesting quote from St. Thomas Aquinas on this topic.  Here's what the angelic doctor has to say:
As Origen observes, there are two opinions on this matter [of when a man receives his guardian angel]. For some have held that the angel guardian is appointed at the time of baptism, others, that he is appointed at the time of birth. The latter opinion Jerome approves, and with reason. For those benefits which are conferred by God on man as a Christian, begin with his baptism; such as receiving the Eucharist, and the like. But those which are conferred by God on man as a rational being, are bestowed on him at his birth, for then it is that he receives that nature. Among the latter benefits we must count the guardianship of angels. Wherefore from the very moment of his birth man has an angel guardian appointed to him.
Remember to say a prayer to your Guardian Angel today... and every day!  I remember clearly one morning driving to a meeting with a client in downtown Brooklyn.  For some reason I prayed the guardian angel prayer, something that I was not in the habit of doing on a daily basis.  About fifteen minutes later, absorbed in thought, I started to go when the light turned green without checking the crossing traffic.  Anyone in New York City will tell you to always wait a few seconds when the light changes before moving your car. Well, a big truck came hurtling through the intersection and missed my car by inches.  Immediately my mind went back to the guardian angel prayer I had said only minutes earlier.   For obvious reasons, I try to remember to thank my guardian angel and pray for his assistance very day since then.

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Men of The Catholic Jedi Academy are also Men Of Saint Joseph!
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