Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Catholic Jedi!

Greetings Academicians!

Happy Anniversary!

Our cyber-academy came online
four years ago, on August 12, 2009.

We have tried to live up  to our fulfilling our Blog's Mission:

Our mission is to encourage and enlighten the Catholic Faithful, and form Catholic "Jedi" who will champion the Gospel and defend the Sick, the Wounded, the Elderly and the Most Vulnerable. 
Almost forgot:With some humor and fun along the way!

Here at the smoke-and-mirrors cyber-reality we call "the Catholic Jedi Academy," our "Academy" is make-believe. But we are not! 

We are not cyber-/artificial-/pretend-Catholics. We are real Catholics: very, very Catholic Catholics: With no excuses, regrets, or doubts. With a deep commitment to -- and preference for -- the Truth Our Lord Jesus and Our Church reveal.

Very, very Catholic Catholics are very much like "Jedi":
  • They are noted for their willing, faithful, and intense observance of the Lord Jesus' commands and His Church's Teachings.
  • They are in training constantly, always trying to perfect their following of Our "Headmaster," Jesus Christ.
  • Serious Catholics are like "Jedi Masters," or like Academicians: persons who are unabashedly committed to improving through Our Headmaster's instruction, coaching, tutoring, training, drilling, and guidance.
  • We firmly encourage one another toward a constant and vibrant desire for deeper knowledge of Him and fuller membership in His "Academy" -- His Church, His Kingdom, His Heavenly Court.
  • Like "Jedi," serious Catholics are willing and able to take stands, speak the truth, and to do battle with the selfishness, lies and evil that threaten to harm, destroy and disfigure human life in all its stages.
  • We "Catholic Jedi" are not nasty, confrontational bullies! Rather, we are... committed... intense... amplified... focused... and ready to do spiritual and intellectual combat for our Catholic Faith.
  • Because ...
... Faithful followers of Christ in the Church are at war in this world. We always have been. And there's no truce on the way; no armistice, where the warring parties agree to stop fighting. We will not see that coming on the horizon. We are and remain at war -- until we see Our Lord Jesus Christ coming on the clouds for His Second and Final Coming!

The Catholic Church's spiritual battles are collective and individualized. Our spiritual battles continued after Our Lord Jesus ascended to the Father. “Continued,” because Our Lord Himself started the war of grace, love and life. 

He taught the Church how to do combat with 

  • A sinful world (the one we mutated into its present form!)
  • Sinful flesh (ours!)
  • And the Devil (yes, he really exists! Yoda does not).
But, hey! Don't get discouraged! Don't forget that we win the war in the end! Until then, we handle the skirmishes and incursions of sin and Satan.

And as the "clean up" battles progress, a sense of humor and of healthy satire help keep us Catholic Jedi sane and ever hopeful. 

That's why you see Pope Francis holding a "cross/light sabre" as he guides us toward success in combat with our world, the flesh, and Satan -- with any source of lies and confusion which distort and deny the truth of the Gospel and the irreplaceable value of every human person!

We would like to thank all our Readers and our fellow Catholic Bloggers for your continuing interest in our "Academy" and for your prayerful support.

God bless you!

Reverend Father James J.M. Reynolds, STL
"The Assistant Headmaster"

Marilyn Heller, Esq.
Dean Of "The Faculty Of Law"

Christopher Heller
Dean Of "Young Adult Formation Faculty"

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Men of The Catholic Jedi Academy are also Men Of Saint Joseph!

Men of The Catholic Jedi Academy are also Men Of Saint Joseph!
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