Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pray, Pray for Priests...Satan Hates Them

Msgr. Charles Pope, who blogs at the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C.'s website, wrote a very moving post the other day on the necessity to pray for our priests.  He wrote:
In this regard of praying for priests, I must say, have always felt my mother’s prayers very powerfully. My mother, Nancy Geiman Pope who died in 2005, and is now at home, I pray, with the Lord, always told me that she was praying for me! I often attributed her prayers to her tendency to worry. But I have learned of the power of her prayers, and the necessity of them. She said the Lord had told her that Satan wanted me and all priests, and that she had better pray for me. I never doubt she did, and still does.
I remember once, a week before my ordination in 1989, I was up on the roof of our family house, cleaning out the gutters. She came out and told me to come down from the roof at once and that she would hire some one to clean them. She insisted, I was to come down at once. She explained later that her concern was that I, so near ordination, was now a special target of the evil one.
She always told me she was praying for me. I usually thought she was just fretting. But, as I have seen too many of my brother priests struggle and fall over the years, I have come to see her wisdom and the need for her prayers. I have also come to value the prayers of so many of my parishioners who have told me they were praying. Yes, I need a hedge of protection. And so do all other priests. Pray for priests! Pray, pray, pray!

 Please go to Msgr. Pope's blog and read the whole thing.  And, please, pray for our priests.  They stand in persona Christi - in the person of Christ - and the evil one hates them very much.  They need our constant prayers, now more than ever.

Friday, June 14, 2013

A Fathers Day Meditation: The True Story Of A Father's Letter To His Children, Delivered After His Death

Holy Saint Joseph, Foster Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Pray For All Fathers!  Amen!

The letter you will read below was shared with me by a friend, a man whose Dad had recently died.  His Dad was a devout Catholic.  He left a letter behind for each of his beloved children and grandchildren. 

The letter is beautiful and quite powerful. I made me weep. It is apropos for Fathers Day -- for any and every day in a Catholic father's life. 
I am grateful to my friend for allowing me to share this remarkable letter on the Catholic Jedi Academy Blog.

Here, then, is a meditation for every Catholic father to think over and to pray about:


It's time to go – but not to say “Goodbye” – only “till we meet again.” 

I have loved and enjoyed each of you, but I have also worried about you. 
I have left some writings already, but this shall be my last.

I believe: 
1. There is a life after death and when yow read this I will be certain about that. 
2. There is reward and punishment in that afterlife. 
3. How we fare in that afterlife is determined by how we have lived in this life. 

I also believe that we have a responsibility for those in whose creation we have played a role. 
I have tried to carry out that responsibility and in that endeavor I may have been a nuisance. 
I write this farewell to fulfill that obligation. 
I hope to join my perfect wife, your mother. We will join in waiting for each of you. 
To join us you must be an obedient child of God. Obey the commandments, attend Mass and use the Sacraments to obtain forgiveness and help.

I will continue to pray for each of you as I have since you were born. 
Through the Communion of Saints we can pray for each other. 
You are the prize for which both Christ and Satan have been contending since you were born. 

Be a winner with Christ! 

I will be waiting.

With all my love,


Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord.
May perpetual light shine upon him.

Men of The Catholic Jedi Academy are also Men Of Saint Joseph!

Men of The Catholic Jedi Academy are also Men Of Saint Joseph!
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