Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

It is finished.
Today our Savior died allowing us salvation through the perfect sacrifice of his holy cross.  The Earth is silent; the tabernacles around the world are empty...

"We adore You, O Christ, and we praise You, for by Your holy cross, You have redeemed the world."

As we reflect on the events of Good Friday, we solemnly await the coming of our Lord, who promised to be raised up on Easter Sunday...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Weep You Will, After Reading This!" says Catholic Yoda

Well, Academicians, we as a society have just sunk another few inches into the maelstrom!  Now, religious Scots find themselves battling the general British disdain for true religion. Besides Scottish homosexual activists screaming for government recognition of "Same Sex  Marriages", some Scottish "Jedi"  are now calling for the government to legally approve marriages by "Jedi."

Jedi school in California
A Jedi knight training school in California

Jedi could perform marriages,
says Free Church of Scotland

Proposed changes to marriage would open the way for Star Wars Jedi to perform ceremonies, a church has said.

The Free Church of Scotland said the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill will allow groups promoting a belief to marry couples.

The government said the change was relevant to bodies such as humanists, who are classed as religious rather than non-religious at the moment.  A spokeswoman said the reputation of Scottish ceremonies would be protected.

The Free Church of Scotland has raised concerns about religious and civil partnership ceremonies being joined by a third category.  Church spokesman, the Reverend Iver Martin, told BBC Alba: "The third category is quite astonishing because it is the so-called belief category without really defining what belief means.  There are loads of people in a diverse society like this for whom belief can mean virtually anything - the Flat Earth Society and Jedi Knights Society - who knows?  I am not saying that we don't give place to that kind of personal belief, but when you start making allowances for marriages to be performed within those categories then you are all over the place."

Jedi Master Yoda contemplates,
"To become a Papist Catholic: 
How complicated could it be
after in the Free Church Of Scotland being?  Hmmm.
Red shoes could I wear perhaps?"
The Scottish government is holding public consultation on bill. A spokeswoman said: "Our current consultation covers not only the introduction of same sex marriage but also the detail of important protections in relation to religious bodies and celebrants, freedom of speech and education.
"As part of the consultation we have outlined the reason for suggesting a third type of ceremony.
"At the moment, marriage ceremonies by bodies such as humanists have been classed as religious, even though the beliefs of such organisations are non-religious."

She said that the bill made clear the government's determination to ensure the continued reputation of Scottish marriage ceremonies.

The spokeswoman added: "We are proposing the introduction of tests which a religious or belief body would have to meet before they could be authorised to solemnise marriage."

The Flat Earth Society encourages discussion on a theory that the Earth is a flat disk centered at the North Pole. The society also archives literature on the theory.
Founded in the 1800s by English inventor Samuel Birley Rowbotham, the society's theory is largely based on literal interpretations of passages in the Bible.

Jedi knights are characters in the Star Wars franchise, which includes books, comics, toys 
and films. Disney, which owns the rights to the franchise, is preparing to release new movies.

Various groups promote interest in the Jedi and include the Jedi Knight Society - which offers lessons from Master Yoda - and Temple of the Jedi Order.

Training in Jedi skills - such as use of light sabres, are also offered at a knights' school in California.

The Assistant Headmaster, weary from battles,
has a moment of depression: but only a moment's worth!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pope Francis Wishes For A Church That Is Poor And For The Poor

Vatican City, 16 March 2013 (VIS) – This morning in the the Paul VI Audience Hall, the Holy Father greeted over 6,000 journalists and those working in the media as well as for the Holy See, accredited either permanently or temporarily, to cover the events related to the Conclave. He addressed them with the following words:

“Dear friends, I am pleased, at the beginning of my ministry in the See of Peter, to meet with you who have worked here in Rome at this very intense period that began with the surprising announcement of my venerated predecessor Benedict XVI, this past 11 February. I warmly greet each of you.”

“The role of the mass media has been continuously growing in recent times,” he said, “so much so that it has become essential to narrate the events of contemporary history to the world. I therefore especially thank you for your distinguished service these past few days—you have had a bit of work to do, haven't you?—when the eyes of the Catholic world, and not only, were turned toward the Eternal City, in particular to this area that has St. Peter's tomb as its focal point. In these past few weeks you've gotten a chance to talk about the Holy See, the Church, her rites and traditions, her faith, and, in particular, the role of the Pope and his ministry.”

“A particularly heart-felt thanks goes to those who have been able to observe and present these events in the Church's history while keeping in mind the most just perspective in which they must be read, that of faith. Historical events almost always require a complex reading that, at times, can also include the dimension of faith. Ecclesial events are certainly not more complicated than political or economic ones. But they have one particularly fundamental characteristic: they answer to a logic that is not mainly that of, so to speak, worldly categories, and this is precisely why it is not easy to interpret and communicate them to a wide and varied audience. In fact, the Church, although it is certainly also a human, historical institution with all that that entails, does not have a political nature but is essentially spiritual: it is the people of God, the holy people of God who walk toward the encounter with Jesus Christ. Only by putting oneself in this perspective can one fully explain how the Catholic Church works.”

“Christ is the Church's Shepherd, but His presence in history moves through human freedom. Among these, one is chosen to serve as his Vicar, Successor of the Apostle Peter, but Christ is the centre, the fundamental reference, the heart of the Church! Without Him, neither Peter nor the Church would exist or have a reason for being. As Benedict XVI repeated often, Christ is present and leads His Church. In everything that has happened, the protagonist is, ultimately, the Holy Spirit. He has inspired Benedict XVI's decision for the good of the Church; He has guided the cardinals in their prayers and in their election. Dear friends, it is important to take due account of this interpretive horizon, this hermeneutic, to bring the heart of the events of these days into focus.”

“From this is born, above all, a renewed and sincere thanks for your efforts in these particularly challenging days, but also an invitation to always seek to know more the Church's true nature and the spiritual motivations that guide her and that are the most authentic for understanding her. Rest assured that the Church, for her part, is very attentive to your precious work. You have the ability to gather and express the expectations and needs of our times, to provide the elements necessary to read reality. Like many other professions, your job requires study, sensitivity, and experience but it bears with it a particular attention to truth, goodness, and beauty. This makes us particularly close because the Church exists to communicate Truth, Goodness, and Beauty 'in person'. It should be clear that we are all called, not to communicate ourselves, but rather this existential triad that shapes truth, goodness, and beauty.”

“Some people didn't know why the Bishop of Rome wanted to call himself 'Francis'. Some though of Francis Xavier, Francis de Sales, even Francis of Assisi. I will tell you the story. At the election I had the archbishop emeritus of Sao Paulo next to me. He is also prefect emeritus of the Congregation for the Clergy, Cardinal Claudio Hummes [O.F.M.]: a dear, dear friend. When things were getting a little 'dangerous', he comforted me. And then, when the votes reached the two-thirds, there was the usual applause because the Pope had been elected. He hugged me and said: 'Do not forget the poor.' And that word stuck here [tapping his forehead]; the poor, the poor. Then, immediately in relation to the poor I thought of Francis of Assisi. Then I thought of war, while the voting continued, until all the votes [were counted]. And so the name came to my heart: Francis of Assisi. For me he is the man of poverty, the man of peace, the man who love and safeguards Creation. In this moment when our relationship with Creation is not so good—right?—He is the man who gives us this spirit of peace, the poor man … Oh, how I wish for a Church that is poor and for the poor!”

“I wish the best for you, I thank you for everything that you have done. And I think of your work: I wish you to work fruitfully and with serenity and to always know better the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the reality of the Church. I entrust you to the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Star of evangelization. I I wish the best for you and your families, for each of your families, and I wholeheartedly impart to all of you the blessing.”

After personally greeting some of the journalists present, Pope Francis, in Spanish, concluded: “I told you I wholeheartedly imparted my blessing. Many of you don't belong to the Catholic Church, others are not believers. From my heart I impart this blessing, in silence, to each of you, respecting the conscience of each one, but knowing that each of you is a child of God: May God bless you.”

Friday, March 15, 2013

Transitional Hiccups

Saw this image on a post by Pat Archbold at the NC Register blog.  I'm sure all of the kinks in the transition to the papacy will be ironed out very soon for our dear Pope Francis!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Habemus Papam Franciscum

Here are a few pictures from Pope Francis' first hours as our Holy Father.  He visited the oldest marian church in Rome Santa Maria Maggiore and prayed to Our Lady for help and guidance.  He is extremely humble, joyful, and holy; I am positive Pope Francis will do much good in the service of his Church.

God bless him on his journey of faith, leading the Church with the guidance of the Holy Spirit...

Thursday, March 7, 2013

An Atheist Defends Pope Emeritus Benedict. I'm Serious!

An Atheist defending the Pope? I'm putting you on, right?  Wrong!

On the left side of the interview desk: Piers Morgan, the CNN correspondent you'll see in the video below, who claims to be Catholic while his positions on Church Doctrine and Tradition are way, way out in left field. (To parrot one of his statements in the video: "I find (him) completely unacceptable!")  Morgan is interviewing his guest, seeking the guest's reaction to Pope Benedict XVI retiring.

On the right side of the interview desk: Morgan's guest: Penn Jillette, an entertainer and a magician (part of the duo, Penn And Teller), and an outspoken Atheist.
You won't believe Penn Jillette's responses to self-proclaimed Catholic Piers Morgan. 

Please see for yourself!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cardinal Collins and the Importance of Prayer During Conclave

Here is a Vatican Radio excerpt from the interview the Catholic news station had with Cardinal Collins.  The day after I "adopted" Cardinal Collins into my prayers, I saw this article on my "Pope App" (a worthwhile free investment for any smart phone user).  His jovial face and accompanying hand wave just said to me, "don't forget to pray for me Chris, I'll need all the prayers I can get."  Needless to say all the Cardinals need our prayers, and I encourage everyone to adopt a Cardinal or prayer for them all during the duration of this Conclave. So enjoy this article, in which Cardinal Collins explains the importance of "the people" praying for their representatives in Rome... 
(Vatican Radio) The general congregations are an essential part of preparing to elect a Pope, particularly for Cardinals from local Churches, but what’s equally important for the men called to vote in Conclave is prayer and the spiritual support of the Universal Church and this, according to Cardinal Thomas Christopher Collins, Archbishop of Toronto, Canada, is a point often lost on secular media in the race - “understandable” as it is - to single out ‘contenders’.
Last week, ahead of his first experience in a Conclave, Cardinal Collins dropped by Vatican Radio to speak to Emer McCarthy about what he sees as the dual dimension of the papal transition: the human dimension and the Divine dimension. Listen: “ I have had constant contact from people who are saying ‘we are praying for you and the other cardinals’. This is a great consolation and I think it’s something people don’t realize. In the whole process there is a great deal that is very human. Discussion, in fact, is required. It’s part of the rule of the Conclave you must have time to discuss things, think things through. But at the same time its Divine. There is the praying for the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we make this choice. There are these two dimensions which go together, like faith and reason, that’s the way God made us, grace builds on nature. So we need to be attentive to both dimensions. It is something that people sometimes when they are thinking of this in terms of who are the contenders, there is a whole political paradigm, it’s all understandable but it misses the point”. Another point that has many confused are the purpose of the general congregations. These are the meetings of the entire College of Cardinals, electors (under 80 ) and non-electors, that precede the Conclave. There is no fixed number and, once they have all gathered together, the cardinals decide how long they will last and when to begin the Conclave. For Cardinal Collins these pre-Conclave ‘summits’ are essential, especially for the vast majority of voting Cardinals who are not members of the Roman Curia (over 70):“The Cardinals who are working together with the Holy Father in Rome, they meet one another all the time and so are very familiar with the different issues they are dealing with. The Cardinals who, like myself, are responsible for dioceses around the world, which is the majority of the voting cardinals, we are not in Rome that often – we do have to go to various meetings – but most of our responsibilities is to care for the people entrusted to our care in our own dioceses. So although we are always very conscious as cardinals, I think one of our chief responsibilities is to be very conscious of the needs of the Universal Church and also to get to know the other cardinals, we don’t always have an opportunity to do that and so these days before the Conclave but after the See is vacant is a tremendous opportunity for all the cardinals to discuss the issues with one another, to get to know one another better and therefore to be better prepared for the moment when those who are cardinal electors enter into the Conclave”Once the General Congregations have begun, the Cardinals are sworn to secrecy and cannot reveal the content of discussions. So Emer McCarthy asked Cardinal Collins ahead of the first meeting Monday morning what concerns he would raise with his fellow cardinals.“I think that my concern will be to listen to the cardinals from around the world. I will also probably express my own sense of some of the issues . I think that in the Western part of the world, North America and Europe and so on, the issue of secularism is very important, of individualism. But in other parts of the world they are not so important, there are other issues, persecution, social justice issues, many others…so I think as each cardinal speaks from his own perspective all of us will begin to get a broader picture of the whole concern that people have. Because the Holy Father has to be responsible for the whole world, and therefore sometimes, each cardinal coming from his own perspective will think certain things are very important others not so much, whereas it’s the reverse with other cardinals, so it’s important to get the whole picture and I think that’s what we’ll do. I think one of the great consolations that we all have is that during the period after the See is vacant and especially during the Conclave is to know how many people will be praying for us”.

Kiddie Conclave - Wow!

Via Father Z again, a nice story about students at St. Louis Catholic School holding a mock conclave.  Whoever made these costumes should be given an award!  Talk about authenticity.  Anyway, go over to the school's website and take a look at the "cardinals", "Swiss Guards" and others.  I didn't see the name of the new "pope", but we here at the Catholic Jedi Academy wish him well.

And the votes are tallied:

Habemus Papam!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Walk Through the New Home of Benedict XVI - The Vatican Gardens

Last Summer during a visit to Rome, we had the opportunity to take a tour of the Vatican Gardens.  In hindsight, I am so glad that we did.  Who knows what will be open to the public after our pope emeritus moves into his new home in those gardens?

During the hot, hot days of July in Rome, the Vatican Gardens are a cool, shaded, peaceful retreat.  One can easily imagine Pius IX or Benedict XV strolling the cobbled walks, Rosary in hand.  Especially during the conflict with secular authorities after the First Vatican Council, the gardens would most likely have been the familiar sanctuary for the pontiffs.

The tour begins in the noisy and very crowded Vatican museum.  So, it is quite a wonderful contrast stepping into the fragrant and secluded gardens.

Here is a view of the dome of St. Peter's taken from the same vantage point as the monastery where Benedict XVI will be living.  Perhaps this will be the view from his window.

The altar at the Lourdes grotto.  I have seen photos of our pope emeritus praying his Rosary by this grotto.

Lourdes Grotto

Crest of John Paul II on Planter

One of many fountains installed by Pope Paul V -
Who was nicknamed "Fontifex" due to
his love of fountains 
The heliport is at the rear corner of the Vatican gardens.  A turret from one of the walls overlooks it on one side.  Our tour guide told us that Pope John XXIII like to retire to that turret to relax.  Our Lady of Loreto is the patron of the heliport.  The holy house of Loreto is said to be the house of the Holy Family that miraculously "flew" from the Holy Land to Loreto, Italy.  Hence, the patronage of flight.

Turret used by John XXIII

Statue of Juan Diego with miraculous tilma
of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Bench with Crest of Benedict XVI
Hope you enjoyed this little stroll through the Vatican Gardens, the future home of Benedict XVI.  May he have many years of peace within its bounds.

n.b. - pictures by Christopher Heller, 2012

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spiritually Uniting Ourselves to the Conclave - Adopt a Cardinal!

EWTN radio just broadcast an interview with a young German woman named Uli Henkel who was inspired to create a novel website pertaining to the upcoming conclave.  Uli felt that the Holy Spirit was calling all of the Catholic faithful to participate in the conclave through prayer, by spiritually adopting one of the Cardinal fathers who will be voting.  While we cannot be physically present, we are all needed to lift up the Church spiritually in a very important way.

The website for "Adopt a Cardinal" is   Take some time to visit the site and see which cardinal is waiting for your prayers.

Photo:  GuardianUK
P.S. - I just visited the site and have "adopted" Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re.  He is the prefect emeritus of the Congregation of Bishops and he is on the older side (78).  I have to go read up on him now and I will certainly start praying!

An Insult To Our Pope Emeritus: Linking Him To "Prophecies" Of The Apocalypse, The Last Judgment, Free Gasoline, Etc.

Hey, Academicians,
   I am disturbed and angered that some Catholics - who should know better -  are linking Benedict XVI, our Pope Emeritus, to so-called "prophecies" which predict the Apocalypse, Armageddon, and The Last Judgment -- even casting him in the role of the Antichrist -- thus making Benedict XVI the indirect source of future evil, terror and confusion.

   Let me make myself clear about this: Shame on any Catholic who engages in this sinful (yes, I did write sinful) and degrading speculation which damages the reputation and accomplishments of our Pope Emeritus. Drop it; confess it; and never bring it up again.

   At the weekly Men Of Saint Joseph meetings in Hicksville, New York this week and last week, some of the guys were asking about the so-called "Prophecy Of Saint Malachy" concerning Popes and especially the final Pope.

   Saint Malachy was the archbishop of Armagh, Ireland in the 1100s.  The "Prophecy" Of Saint Malachy was supposedly "discovered" in 1590 (notice the 490 year gap between its supposed date of origin and the date it was conveniently  "discovered." Where was it all that time? On sabbatical?).
   There are 112 "mottoes" (now called "prophecies" by some people).  Each one briefly, cryptically describes each of the future Popes. The last Pope "prophesied" about will supposedly guide the Church through apocalyptic tribulations, culminating with the Last Judgment.

I am sorry to break the news to you Malachy groupies:

   The "ancient" document containing Saint Malachy's "prophecies" is not legitimate - it is bogus! The majority of serious and reputable scholars agree that this document is a forgery, a manufactured and contrived concoction from the16th-century, created and "discovered" for some sort of ecclesiastical political scheming.

   In his wonderfully detailed and informative post,  How Reliable Is The St. Malachy Prophecy?,  Jimmy Aikin says (and I agree with him 100%), "There is also another factor weighing against the St. Malachy prophecy: What is it supposed to do? How is it supposed to help us? God does not give revelations to satisfy our curiosity, but that seems precisely what the prophecy of the Popes is designed to do.  ... There is almost nothing in the prophecy that could provide a plan of action or guidance in how to live the Christian faith in particular periods ... ."

   Jimmy Aiken concludes thusly: "I try to take seriously St. Paul’s exhortation: “do not despise prophesying, but test everything; hold fast to what is good” (1 Thess. 5:20-21).  I am not unfriendly to prophecies, and I have as much curiosity about the future as anyone. But in the case of the St. Malachy prophecy of the Popes, I am afraid that it does not appear credible, from either a historical or a theological perspective:   It is an unapproved, alleged private revelation.  It cannot be shown to have existed before 1590.  The predictions it makes for the period before 1590 are markedly better than those it makes after 1590.  Contrary to the nature of revelation (both public and private), it has virtually no practical value. It speaks of antipopes as if they are Popes and even speaks positively of some.  It encourages calculations regarding the end of the world."

   John Zmirak (author of  The Bad Catholics Guide to the Catechism, who blogs at The Bad Catholics Bingo Hall), wrote a mildly acerbic but insightful post on peoples' predilection for all-things-apocalyptic:  The Apocalypse Cow: Why Do We Keep Milking It?
   Zmirak writes, "There’s another, sadder reason why we crave signs and wonders, skipping lightly over works of mercy or Eucharistic adoration to go visit some dubious site of the Blessed Virgin’s Twitter account: We aren’t sure God exists. We don’t fully believe in the afterlife, or spiritual beings, and we’d really like some proof in the form of a miracle that we aren’t deluding ourselves. ...When we line up alongside the Telemundo [TV] trucks to see the quesadilla with Jesus’ face, each of us is doing the same: Begging for evidence that the spiritual world exists, that the life we are slogging through is not a “snuff” farce whose curtain drops with the grave. When we really go off the rails, we might find ourselves sneaking into séances, or asking young women from California to teach us how to 'channel.' In search of the shadow of God, we can plunge into a darkness that’s all too real."

   Also, please add to  your knowledge about this topic by viewing the video featured below.  It is from ChurchMilitant.TV, featuring Michael Voris hosting his series "The Vortex."
   Michael Voris is right on the money concerning Catholics who are "into" Saint Malachy's "Prophecy" or any other idiotic apocalyptic predictions (yes, I did write "idiotic").  I'm presenting his video here because Michael Voris says exactly what I want to say to all of our Catholic "apocalypse junkies."

And, finally, dear Academicians, please do refresh your knowledge of Our Lord Jesus Christ's teaching concerning the end of the world and His Second Coming, and what you and I are supposed to do about it.
   I direct your attention to the video below -- from your beloved Academy's School Of The Video Arts -- wherein you may view our magnificent production of epic catechesis, Doomsday For Dummies (A Catholic Nine Minute Guide).

   If you have been privately or publicly engaged in linking Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI to "prophecies" of the Apocalypse, the Last Judgment, free gasoline from Satan, etc., please heed my advice:  Stop it right now. Throw away the books or magazine articles concerning these superstitious pursuits. Stop visiting any website promoting these falsehoods.
   Stop insulting dear Papa Benedict. Stop treating him like some disgraceful celebrity you'd find humiliated in the pages of The National Enquirer.
   As I stated above, shame on any Catholic who engages in this sinful and degrading speculation which damages the reputation and accomplishments of our Pope Emeritus.  Drop it; confess it; and never bring it up again.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Prayers for the Conclave

Taylor Marshall at his excellent blog, Canterbury Tales, has posted a novena to be prayed for the upcoming conclave.  He is asking that we try to pass on the novena to others so that the Cardinal fathers can be lifted up in prayer as they make the momentous decision of who should be the next pope.

Here is the novena prayer:

Novena to St. Peter

O Holy Apostle, because you are the Rock upon which Almighty God has built His Church,obtain for me I pray you: lively faith, firm hope, and burning love, complete detachment from myself, contempt of the world, patience in adversity, humility in prosperity, recollection in prayer, purity of heart, a right intention in all my works, diligence in fulfilling the duties of my state of life, constancy in my resolutions, resignation to the will of God and perseverance in the grace of God even unto death; that so, by means of your intercession and your glorious merits, I may be made worthy to appear before the Chief and Eternal Shepherd of Souls, Jesus Christ, Who with the Father and the Holy Spirit, lives and reigns forever. Amen.

Gracious Father, by Whose Hand Thy servant Simon Peter was most wonderfully delivered out of prison and from impending death. Grant us, in all the changes and chances of mortal life, to dread nothing but the loss of Thee, and to cast all our care upon Thee, Who carest for us. When disasters lie ahead, help us to avoid them if we may, and to endure them if we must, knowing that we walk with Him Who endured all for us, Thy Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ, Who now liveth and reigneth with Thee and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen.

Litany of St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles

Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy. Lord, have mercy. 
Christ, hear us. Christ, graciously hear us. 
God the Father of Heaven, Have mercy on us.
God the Son, Redeemer of the world, Have mercy on us.
God the Holy Ghost, Have mercy on us. 
Holy Trinity, One God, Have mercy on us. 

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us. 
Queen conceived without Original Sin, pray for us.
Queen of Apostles, pray for us. 
Saint Peter, pray for us. 
Prince of the Apostles, pray for us. 
St. Peter, to whom were given the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, pray for us. 
St. Peter, so ardent for the glory of Christ, pray for us. 
St. Peter, whose heart was pierced with one look from Jesus, pray for us. 
St. Peter, who ceased not to grieve for having denied the Son of God, pray for us. 
St. Peter, whose cheeks were furrowed by a stream of tears which flowed to the end of thy life, 
pray for us. 
St. Peter; who cried out, "Lord, Thou knowest that I love Thee," pray for us. 
St. Peter, bound in chains for Christ, pray for us. 
St. Peter, delivered from prison by an Angel, pray for us. 
St. Peter, who rejoiced to suffer for Christ, pray for us. 
St. Peter, whose very shadow healed the sick, pray for us. 
St. Peter, whose voice even the dead obeyed, pray for us. 
St. Peter, that we may have a constant and mutual charity among ourselves, pray for us. 
That we may taste and see more and more how sweet is the Lord, pray for us. 
That we may be zealous in loyalty to thy successor, the present Vicar of Christ, pray for us. 
That we may help, at least by prayer, to restore to the unity of thy Holy See the scattered sheep, 
pray for us. 
That we may be prudent and watchful in prayer, pray for us. 
That we may die the death of the just, pray for us. 

V. Let the mercies of the Lord give glory to him,
R. And His wonderful works to the children of men.
V. Pray for us, Saint Peter the Rock, 
R. That we may be worthy of the Vicar of Christ.

Let Us Pray: O Lord Jesus Christ, Who upon blessed Peter, Thine Apostle, didst bestow the pontifical power of binding and loosing, and didst give to him the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, grant that his intercession may ensure our deliverance from the bondage of sin, Thou Who livest and reignest with the Father and the Holy Ghost, ever one God, world without end. Amen.

Men of The Catholic Jedi Academy are also Men Of Saint Joseph!

Men of The Catholic Jedi Academy are also Men Of Saint Joseph!
Take a moment and visit the MOSJ website.