Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Three Reasons To Attend This Year’s March For Life:

When it comes down to the reasons why you should attend the March for Life this year, theoretically there is only one substantial reason, to give witness to the victims of abortion and to support the end of this fatal tragedy. Close to 200,000 people will gather in our nation’s capital next Friday, for that singular purpose of standing up for the innocent children that are aborted in our country each day.  What better reason do you need?... for the moral person who understands the instrinsic evil being committed, absolutely none.  However, this year is an especially important year for the pro-life movement.  If you’ve never gone to the March for Life before, or you are on the fence about traveling a far distance to walk along the frigid streets of Washington, for hours on end, consider the following reasons that explain why this year is uniquely a pro-life year…
  1.           40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade: This year marks the 40th anniversary of the most disastrous Supreme Court decisions made in our nation’s history.  Roe v. Wade and the lesser known Doe v. Bolton decisions, made on January 22, 1973, legalized abortion throughout the United States.  These devastating cases have since left a stain of shame on our country, which has allowed for the legalized murder of over 50 million children.  The anniversary of this fatal decision is a reason, now more than ever, to attend this years March.  Let’s show the entire nation that we’ve fought hard for life since the advent of this decision 40 years ago, and we will not stop fighting until the womb is a place of safety and peace.
  2.           The Reelection of President Obama:  President Obama is by far the most pro-abortion president in our nation’s history.  The election of Barrack Obama was both disheartening and disappointing to pro-lifers everywhere.  Allowing a second term to a man who supports so much evil and exemplifies the destructive nature of our secular society is absolutely sickening and something I am postiive Americans will regret.  Just like the sin of slavery, 150 years ago abolished, the American people will look back on this fatal error and hang their heads low asking, “what have we done… how could we let this happen?”  Let’s tell Mr. President that he hasn’t won the war, that we can’t be defeated.  Let’s overflow the city he temporarily calls his home and tell him that he MUST STOP ALLOWING FOR THE MURDER OF OUR CHILDREN! 
  3.      The Support of Young People:  If you want to see an amzing transition from one generation to the next, look no further then the pro-life movement.  The age-old cliché that states ,“the next generation is the hope for the future,” does no justice to the way in which the youth have picked up the metaphorical pro-life baton and have began to run to victory.  Don’t let the liberal media deceive you, they will say a dying generation comprised the majority of pro-life marchers… they couldn’t be more wrong.  The March for Life is full of young people, all of whom understand the grave evil our country is allowing to occur.  A little secret pro-choice advocates and the liberal media don’t want you to know… WE ARE WINNING.  The youth of America are the crux of the pro-life movement, we have some fighting to do, but I am positive we will come out victorious. 


I am convinced this is the pro-life year;  this is the year we are to proclaim to America that abortion will not be tolerated anymore.  So come on down to Washinton D.C. next Friday, Janurary 25, 2013, and march for the unborn.  Now more than ever we are called to stand up against abortion, let’s flood the streets of D.C. with pro-lifers, let’s MARCH FOR LIFE!

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