Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pure-Hearted Communicants And The Miracle Of Multiplication Now, Today

A few times in my years as a Priest, I’ve had people come up to me and ask me, “Why aren’t we seeing miracles of multiplication being performed  today by Christ’s followers?”  
Well, for a change, I decided to ask YOU that question. 
Are there miraculous multi-plications nowadays?  
Have you seen any miraculous multiplications happening lately? 
Well I have!  Many people have!  
YES, there are miracles of multiplication today.  But they are not multiplying mere bread or fish — they are multiplying Christ!  He is multiplying Himself  through us and with us and in us.
In Holy Communion, when we receive the Body and Blood of Christ, under the appearance and taste of bread and wine, a union takes place.  The union is such, that Christ is in the Communicant and the Communicant is in Christ. THEY SHARE THE SAME BODY AND THE SAME BLOOD.
At the moment we receive Holy Communion, Our Lord Jesus fills our hearts and our souls so completely, that OUR thoughts and feelings may be said to be HIS thoughts and feelings as well. 
At first, the thoughts and feelings are part of Him.  Then, He is able to communicate them to us according to the measure of OUR love.  
If we have only a little love, Our Lord Jesus is forced to accommodate Himself to the narrow limits of our souls.  Our lack of love prevents Him from giving the amount He wants to give. 
But it’s a different situation for Communicants who are detached from their own egos and detached from their possessions, money, pleasure, and other created things.   Communicants WITH PURE HEARTS are able to GIVE THEMSELVES COMPLETELY to the Lord Jesus in Holy Communion.
In exchange, Our Lord Jesus gives Himself to those Communicants as only God is able to do.  An inter-change of LIFE takes place –  a communion of spiritual gifts, and a unity of love –  which defy our human ability to describe them.  
The pure-hearted person’s soul will be  permeated by the Lord Jesus received in Holy Communion.  That Communicant’s soul becomes like fertile soil growing flowers and fruit: able to conceive wonderful thoughts and perform enthusiastic, ardent acts of love for others. 
Then, because the pure-hearted Communicants  are united with Christ, those acts of love belong to THEM and to Christ.  Christ’s love and theirs inter-mingle, Christ’s thoughts and theirs inter-mingle.  

And, so, together, those Communicants and Christ adore, love, and give thanks.  
Together, they and Christ give themselves to our Father in Heaven.    
Together, they and Christ offer and share their gifts — their talents, their riches, themselves — with anyone and everyone!  
AND THAT IS WHERE YOU CAN SEE THE MIRACLES OF MULTIPLICATION HAPPENING TODAY: not mere multiplication of bread and fish, but the multiplication of Our Lord Jesus’s love and forgiveness and generosity embodied in hundreds, thousands, millions of His faithful people, all over the world. 

Christ multiplies Himself THROUGH us and WITH us and IN us.
Saint Cyril of Jerusalem said, "Throw melted wax into melted wax,  and the one interpenetrates the other perfectly. In the same way, when the Body and Blood of Christ are received, the union is such, that Christ is in the recipient and the recipient in Christ... They have the same body and the same blood."
So, the question is NOT, “Why aren’t we seeing the miracle of multiplication happening today?”  
The question REALLY IS, “Why aren’t YOU allowing Christ WITHIN YOU to multiply His love,  generosity and forgiveness in this sick and aching world in which people need them so much?”

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