Monday, June 11, 2012

You Are Not The Center Of The Universe. You Are Not Special.

Greetings, Academicians!  

Below is a video which stands apart from the rest.  
  • The scene is Wellesley High School, in Wellesley, Massachusetts, at the Class Of 2012's Commencement Exercises.
  • The action is provided by the Commencement Speaker, David McCullough, Jr., an English Teacher at Wellesley High.
  • The gist of his speech: That the Graduates are not special.

As the "Assistant Headmaster" of our "Academy," I found McCullough's comments to the Graduates refreshingly honest and accurate -- a series of astute observations of the narcissistic culture plaguing the United States (and most the the Western World) -- without using the word, narcissism.  

Narcissism denotes a person's excessive interest in himself/herself and his/her  physical appearance.  Narcissism is extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one's own talents and a craving for admiration.

Narcissism is seeping into the personalities of children and teenagers, as well as adults.  This trend is very scary, and very dangerous to a person's spiritual life.
Just remember: Lucifer, now called Satan, is the first and ultimate Narcissist. Satan thinks he is God's equal. But Satan cannot be -- because he is creature, created by God, like you and me. Satan, the created angelic being, cannot and will never be his Creator's equal.

Near the end of his remarks, McCullough tells the Graduates that selflessness is the way to go.  And although you might think McCullough's remarks were  insulting to the Graduates and their families, his advice (near the end of the video) is actually relevant and helpful.  

That's my opinion.   Tell me what you think about it.

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