Friday, May 18, 2012

Mary Of Nazareth: Woman Of The Total "HERE I AM" For God

Vatican City, 18 May 2012 (VIS) - The Holy Father attended a viewing of "Mary of Nazareth", a co-production of RaiFiction, Lux Vide, BetaFilm, Tellux, Bayerischer Rundfunk, and Telecinco Cinema directed by Giacomo Campiotti.

At the end of the screening the Pope addressed a few words on the film, which focuses on three female protagonists: Herodias, Mary Magdalene, and Mary of Nazareth, whose lives cross but who choose different paths.

"Herodias", Benedict XVI said, "remains locked within herself and her world. She is unable to raise her gaze to read the signs from God and she is not freed from evil.

"Mary Magdalene's experience is more complicated. She is attracted by the appeal of an easy life rooted in material things and uses various means for getting her own way up until the dramatic moment when she is judged and is faced with her own life. Her encounter with Jesus opens her heart and changes her existence. 

"But the centre is Mary of Nazareth who possesses the wealth of a life that has been a 'Here I am' for God. She is a mother who would have always wanted to keep her son at her side, but she knows that He is God. Her faith and her love are so great that she can accept Him leaving to accomplish His mission. Her life is a constant 'Here I am', said to God from the Annunciation until the Cross".

"Three experiences", the Pope concluded, "a paradigm of how one can build their life around selfishness, being locked within oneself and material things, being guided by evil, or rather upon the presence of a God who came and stays with us, who awaits us with kindness if we make a mistake and asks that we follow Him, that we trust in Him. Mary of Nazareth is the woman of a full and total 'Here I am' to the divine will. In her 'Yes', repeated even when faced with the sorrow of the loss of her child, we find complete and profound beatitude".

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