Thursday, May 31, 2012

If You're All In for Choice, You Need to Face What You're Choosing

Thomas McDonald of the "God and the Machine" blog has an excellent post about the cowardly and selfish concept of "pro choice."  When someone says they're pro choice, it's understood that they favor abortion, however it is less harsh and more acceptable in polite company to say "pro choice."  The euphemism creates the facade that you're only defending a woman's right to control her body, you don't necessarily like abortion; because, really, who would be "for" abortion?

Well, after today's debacle in the House of Representatives, where our Congress couldn't even bring itself to say it is wrong to deprive a child of life merely because of its gender, it doesn't seem a far stretch to conclude that to some people a right to abortion  trumps any moral standard of civilized society, even if they don't like to say so outright.

McDonald's point in his post entitled "Some People Call It a 'Choice'" is that you can't get away with calling something euphemistically a "choice" until you come face to face with  its reality.  A violent horror can't be glossed over by dressing it up in politically correct language.  Those who favor keeping abortion legal so that they can lead the lives they choose should be forced to look at the choice; look at its dreadful and terrible components, and then confirm that they are still  "pro" choice.  If you cannot look at the brutality that you are complicit in continuing, then you lack the courage of your convictions and are avoiding the obvious for your own reasons, whatever they may be.  If you can look at it and you still call yourself pro choice, then I cannot really comprehend the hardness of heart that would permit such a choice.

Here is a video of the testimony of a former abortionist that prompted McDonald's post:

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