Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cultural Elitism - Are Our Government Leaders Snobs?

Earlier this year a book was published by an author named Charles Murray.  It was entitled "Coming Apart" and was based on five years of statistics that seem to show an ever expanding chasm between upper and lower class in our country.  The interesting conclusion to the book is that the void is not due to strictly economic issues and definitely not defined by race or ethnicity, but rather there is a widening cultural gap.

After President Obama's announcement today on so-called gay "marriage," I reflected on the hubris of politicians who will not let such an unprecedented destruction of the social fabric of our society be put to a vote.  Or, in the case of Obama, will not uphold a law that was already passed by our elected representatives (the Defense of Marriage Act "DOMA").

Last year when New York State's legislature passed gay "marriage" into law, it was done under the cover of darkness, exchanged for a bag of silver and promises of election day support.  When I called my state senator prior to the vote, I was told that he was now supporting gay "marriage" because he took a survey and found that most of his constituents were in favor.  This sounded highly suspicious to me and still did not answer the question, if it is so important why not let the people vote?  The reason is most likely that everywhere the people are permitted to vote, gay "marriage" is defeated.

So what are our elites to do?  We can't let the people vote, because they won't vote the right way.

Back to Murray's book on the cultural divide.  A divide between the elites and the salt of the earth ordinary folk.  Here is the quiz which Murray devised to determine whether you are a culturally isolated elite:  it's entitled "How Thick is Your Bubble."

Some of the questions asked include, "Have you ever worn a uniform to work after graduating from school?"  and "Have you eaten in an Applebee's, IHOP, TGIF in the last year?" Take the quiz and see how you score.  (I think I would've done better if I knew something about NASCAR).  Let me know how you do!

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