Tuesday, February 14, 2012

United States Catholic Bishops Fight for Conscience Protection

The United States Catholic bishops have a page dedicated to our fight for conscience protection.  It is entitled "Bishops Vow to Fight Coercive HHS Mandate."   Just to explain that title a little more fully... HHS is the Department of Health and Human Services.  This is the government agency charged with implementing the "Affordable Health Care Act" passed by Congress.  It is the law about which Nancy Pelosi famously remarked, "we'll have to pass the law so that we can know what's in it."  Well, now we know what's in it.  A requirement for Catholic institutions to violate their conscience by providing abortion inducing drugs, sterilization coverage and birth control in their health care plans.

A petition drive against the mandate has been started at www.stophhs.com.  Please go there and sign on and object to this brazen attempt by the government to trample on religious liberty.

Also included at that site are the following quotes from three of our Catholic bishops:

"In effect,  the president is telling us that we have a year to figure out how to violate our consciences."
- Cardinal-designate Timothy M. Dolan, Archbishop of New York
The Obama administration has just told the Catholics of the United States, ‘To Hell with you!’ There is no other way to put it.
- Bishop David Zubik of Pittsburgh
I am honestly horrified that the nation I have always loved has come to this hateful and radical step in religious intolerance.
- Bishop Daniel Jenky of Peoria

Here is a link to a short video put out by the bishops' conference on the fight for conscience protection.  If you don't have enough time to view the longer video in the previous post, take a look at this shorter one (www.usccb.org) , but, please try to watch the longer CSpan video when you are able.

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