Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Save Marriage in New York!!! Archbishop Dolan : Govt. Can't Redefine Natural Law

Photo:  National Organization for Marriage
I just got off an aggravating and, ultimately, fruitless conversation with my state senator's office.  Joseph Addabo, who represents a slice of Queens that is generally not on the cutting edge of social engineering, has decided to cast his vote with those who want gay "marriage" in our state.  The senator's rep told me that they had done a survey that showed more people were for gay marriage than against it.  The survey garnered approximately 4,000 responses.  The total constituency of Senator Addabo?  300,000.  It sounds to me that this survey was generated just to provide cover for his ultimate decision.

And why should the state senate be meddling in social engineering?  The definition of marriage as between one man and one woman has been around for centuries.  If liberal New York politicians want a change, let the people decide.  They have made enough of a mess with our budget, with taxes and with nit picking laws for every perceived offense.  It's beginning to feel like we live under an oppressive regime.

Plus, Governor Cuomo will not include religious exemptions that are being proposed by state senator Greg Ball.  You know what this means for the Catholic Church.

OK.  Deep breath.

Here is Archbishop Dolan with some wise reflections on this impending disaster:
But, really, shouldn’t we be more upset – and worried – about this perilous presumption of the state to re-invent the very definition of an undeniable truth – one man, one woman, united in lifelong love and fidelity, hoping for children – that has served as the very cornerstone of civilization and culture from the start?
Last time I consulted an atlas, it is clear we are living in New York, in the United States of America – not in China or North Korea.  In those countries, government presumes daily to “redefine” rights, relationships, values, and natural law.  There, communiqués from the government can dictate the size of families, who lives and who dies, and what the very definition of “family” and “marriage” means.
But, please, not here!  Our country’s founding principles speak of rights given by God, not invented by government, and certain noble values – life, home, family, marriage, children, faith – that are protected, not re-defined, by a state presuming omnipotence.
Please, not here!  We cherish true freedom, not as the license to do whatever we want, but the liberty to do what we ought; we acknowledge that not every desire, urge, want, or chic cause is automatically a “right.”  And, what about other rights, like that of a child to be raised in a family with a mom and a dad?
Our beliefs should not be viewed as discrimination against homosexual people.  The Church affirms the basic human rights of gay men and women, and the state has rightly changed many laws to offer these men and women hospital visitation rights, bereavement leave, death benefits, insurance benefits, and the like.  This is not about denying rights. It is about upholding a truth about the human condition.  Marriage is not simply a mechanism for delivering benefits:  It is the union of a man and a woman in a loving, permanent, life-giving union to pro-create children.  Please don’t vote to change that.  If you do, you are claiming the power to change what is not into what is, simply because you say so.  This is false, it is wrong, and it defies logic and common sense.
Don't give the politicians an excuse to vote for gay marriage.  Call and make your voice heard.  Don't let them say they didn't hear from you.  And, if they don't listen, remember that on election day.

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