Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Consent for Tanning, But Not For Abortion

In the world of politics, consistency and logic are not necessarily requirements for legislation.  Case in point, Fox news reports that in Connecticut a bill was proposed that would require parental consent for minors to get a tan at a tanning parlor.  The bill was headed for passage in the State Senate until Senator Michael McLachlan of Danbury thought it might be a good idea to add an amendment that would also require parental notification for a surgical procedure.  Sounds logical, right?  Nope.  Not when said surgical procedure is abortion.  The tanning bill was left to die rather than have any restriction imposed on the "sacrament" of abortion.

What a terrible, mixed up culture we have!   Everyone from the First Lady to the mayor of New York City scolds us about the necessity of feeding our children a healthy diet, avoiding smoking in their vicinity and stopping alcohol consumption while pregnant.   However, when it comes to protecting children from the pressures of the abortion industry and its medical and psychological consequences, parents are no longer considered to be an essential party.  A strange doctor, with no prior knowledge of the child's medical history, can perform a surgical procedure without any repercussions.  If the school nurse gave the same child an aspirin without first obtaining parental permission, there would certainly be consequences.

God willing, the generation that has escaped the net of the hunter will bring sense back to our world.  They know first hand the damage that abortion has wrought.  Until then, our politicians continue to flounder in the mire of illogic and inconsistency.

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