Friday, April 8, 2011

Planned Parenthood and the World Turned Upside Down

The pro-abortion faction in Congress seems to be screaming from the rooftops today.  They are blaming the stalled budget agreement on the false premise that "women will lose their health care."    But after reading Abby Johnson's book, "Unplanned", it is pretty evident that health care is not necessarily at the top of the priority list for Planned Barrenhood.  They've also been bringing out the demonstrators and stomping their feet in rage at the terribly unfair treatment of their noble cause.

One of the blatant untruths that is being spouted by Planned Parenthood is that they provide mammograms to women.  Even though this statement has been demonstrated to be false, they cling to it as a talking point.  Hopefully, the full out p.r. assault from their side means that the pro-life platform is gaining more and more traction in Congress and in our culture.

Update: For more details on the fact that Planned Parenthood doesn't provide mammograms please take a look at Jill Stanek's blog:  She has a good post that goes step by step through the misinformation that is being passed around.  What Planned Parenthood does is "refer" people to other centers or clinics for mammograms.

Here's a photo from the demonstration (via are getting confusing.

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