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I Am So Rotten, So Sinful, That God Could Not Want To Forgive Me!

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During this time of the year, winter and spring struggle with each other for dominance. During the Church's season of Lent, we are given an opportunity to re-focus our eyes upon  God's mercy and upon the struggle between sin and grace within ourselves. We are to do whatever is needed to allow God's grace and mercy to dominate our sinfulness.

Lent is God's gift to us: The acceptable time for us to allow His mercy to renew us, as springtime renews all of dormant, frozen, seemingly dead nature.

Lent has arrived again, to announce to us, "It is never too late!" "Now is the acceptable time, the day of salvation!"
There is no time to waste!

Unfortunately, we can waste time and can miss the time of salvation if we're not looking in the right direction. During Lent, we should look ahead more than we look back.

Although it is true, that whoever does not learn from past history is doomed to repeat it, we must never think that what we have lost through sin or laziness is irretrievable. Because, once God invites us to a renewal and a re-commitment, we are given the opportunity to make up for the losses.

God is the God of "the second chance."

Saint Peter denied knowing Our Lord Jesus three times.  But Peter was extended a second chance in which to become solid as a rock. There really is such a thing as "a second birth."

Being 'born again" means that everything that has happened before is not held against us. God's forgiveness is there, if we are willing to accept it.

Our temptation during Lent is to be so impressed by our failures and sins and so overwhelmed by our lack of generosity that we get stuck in a paralyzing guilt -- a guilt that leads us to focus on ourselves alone instead of focusing on God and others. 
It's a guilt that quickly becomes a form of sinful pride: "I am so rotten, so sinful, that God could not want to forgive me!"

But, Lent is the opportunity to break down this guilt and to re-direct our attention to our loving and merciful Lord!
The question is: Are we like Judas, who was so overcome by his sin that he could not believe in God's mercy any longer and, so, committed suicide? Or, are we like Peter, who returned to his Lord with repentance, wept bitterly for his betrayals and sins, and found himself even closer to Christ than he was before he betrayed Him?

Today is the acceptable day:
  • The day to focus on God's loving kindness. 
  • The day to renounce sinful habits and attitudes.  
  • The day to let the ashes of lost moments and wasted opportunities to be Christ-like remind us of our resolutions to focus ourselves into Christ's life, and His Death, and His Resurrection.

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