Friday, February 18, 2011

Polish Priest Murdered in Tunisia, Christian Tortured in Afghanistan for being Christian, ..Where is the outrage?

It seems that wherever there is turbulence in the world, you can be sure that Christians will be murdered.  The latest was in Tunisia where a Polish priest was killed today.  The 34 year old priest who worked at a school in the town of Manouba was found with multiple stab wounds and his throat was slit.

And in Afghanistan, a country where our soldiers are spilling their blood, a Christian is being held in prison for the crime of...being Christian.   National Review reports that while in prison, the man, Said Musa, has been tortured, beaten and defiled.  He was arrested when he converted to Christianity from Islam.  No lawyer would take his case.  Papers in Europe have reported on this abomination, but in the United States?  Not so much.  However, when a crazy pastor in Florida threatened to burn a Koran, the media uproar was intense.  Even the president and his cabinet hit the airwaves denouncing the planned act.

Mr. Musa has six children, was an Afghani soldier, is an amputee, and worked for the Red Cross helping other amputees.  The National Review report includes the following:
"Nobody [wanted to be my] defender before the court. When I said ‘I am a Christian man,’ he [a potential lawyer] immediately spat on me and abused me and mocked me. . . . I am alone between 400 [people with] terrible values in the jail, like a sheep.” He has been beaten, mocked, and subjected to sleep deprivation and sexual abuse while in prison. No Afghan lawyer will defend him and authorities denied him access to a foreign lawyer. Any and every human being who is imprisoned, abused, or tortured for the free and peaceful expression of their faith deserves our support, but Musa is also a remarkable person and Christian. In a letter smuggled to the West, he says, “The authority and prisoners in jail did many bad behaviour with me about my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. For example, they did sexual things with me, beat me by wood, by hands, by legs, put some things on my head.”
He added a thing much more important to him, that they “mocked me ‘he’s Jesus Christ,’ spat on me, nobody let me for sleep night and day. . . . Please, please, for the sake of Lord Jesus Christ help me."
May God help him and all of our brothers and sisters who are being killed and tortured for the Faith.

Update:   Matt Archbold at Creative Minority Report is reporting that he received notice from Senator Richard Lugar's office that Mr. Musa may be released and freed to Pakistan where his family is living.  Keep praying!

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