Thursday, February 17, 2011

Email From An Atheist

Indiana Atheists' Bus Campaign in April 2009

Several days ago, I received an anonymous email for the Catholic Jedi Academy.  The email was sent through an unregistered version of Atomic Mail Sender.  The email was from an organization run by Atheists, "Good Without God."  They must be trawling the web collecting site names containing "Catholic" to bombard them with their insulting, empty, pseudo-intellectual hatred.  Here's what it said:
From an Atheist :
"There is a growing movement. It is the people who do not believe in organized religion or the gods they try to force on others. Our country was not created to be a christian nation. People can lead happy and meaningful lives without religious dogma. If you have had doubts, you are not alone. If you have outgrown fairy-tales, you are not alone."
Then came some links to Atheist websites and podcasts, followed by:
"Remember, many people are living just fine without any belief in an invisible man lurking in the sky. To find other Atheists, go to facebook [sic] and search the word Atheist."
I decided not to personally respond to this email.  Instead, here's a response from someone more eloquent than I.
There are nocturnal birds, such as the owl and the little owl, whose eye is made to see in the dark of night, not in the day. The light of the sun would blind them. These birds know everything and move at ease in the nocturnal world, but know nothing of the daytime world. Let us adopt for the moment the genre of the fable, where the animals speak among themselves. Lets suppose that an eagle makes friends with a family of little owls and speaks to them of the sun: of how it illuminates everything, of how, without it, everything would fall into darkness and cold, of how their nocturnal world itself would not exist without the sun. What would the little owl answer other than: "What you say is nonsense! I've never seen your sun. We move very well and get our food without it; your sun is a useless theory and therefore it doesn't exist." 
It is exactly what the atheist scientist does when he says: "God doesn't exist." They judge a world they do not know, applies their laws to an object that is beyond their scope. To see God one must open a different eye, one must venture outside the night. In this connection, still valid is the ancient affirmation of the Psalmist: "The fool says: there is no God."
Father Raniero Cantalamessa, OFM Cap: December 3, 2010: First Advent Homily: The Christian Answer to Atheist Scientism "WHEN I LOOK AT THY HEAVENS, THE MOON AND THE STARS, WHAT IS MAN?" (PSALM 8:4-5)

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Men of The Catholic Jedi Academy are also Men Of Saint Joseph!
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