Sunday, January 2, 2011

When He Comes Again, Will the Lord Find Any Christians in the Middle East?

                (Photo:  AFP)
The news out of Iraq and Egypt has been horrendous over this New Year's weekend.  In Egypt, a Coptic Christian church was bombed and 21 worshipers were killed.  In Iraq, at least seven Christian homes were target with bombs.

The AP reports about one of the Iraqi bombings:
When Fawzi Rahim, 76, and his 78-year-old wife Janet Mekha answered the doorbell Thursday night, the bomb exploded, killing them, Mekha's brother told The Associated Press on Friday. Three other people, apparently passers-by, were wounded.
"When I went there, I found both of them cut to pieces near the gate of their house," said the brother, Falah al-Tabbakh, 47, who had been at a funeral nearby in the eastern Baghdad district of Ghadir. He rushed to his sister's house after neighbors called him, and they told him what happened, he said.
The bombing was among a string of seemingly coordinated attacks Thursday evening that targeted at least seven Christian homes in various parts of Baghdad that wounded at least 13 other people, a week after al-Qaida-linked militants renewed their threats to attack Iraq's Christians.
The attacks are the latest since an Oct. 31 siege of a Baghdad church by al-Qaida killed 68 worshipers, terrifying the minority community, whose numbers have already fallen dramatically in the past seven years of violence in Iraq.
 The reason we're only hearing about violence against Christians in Iraq and Egypt is that most of the other countries in that region will not even tolerate the existence of Christianity within their borders.  If Al Qaeda has its way, Christianity will be eradicated from the face of the earth.

God willing, the world will take notice and help these people before there are no Christians left at all in that part of the world.

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