Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Baptism of the Lord

Today is the end of the liturgical Christmas season when the Church celebrates the baptism of the Lord.

Inside Catholic has an article by Fr. James Farfaglia that encourages each one of us to remember and celebrate the day of our own baptism:

The consideration of Jesus' baptism, gives us an opportunity to remember our own baptism.  If you do not know the date of your own baptism, it is a good idea to go through your personal files and find out when it occurred.  Many people are celebrating the anniversary of their baptism with a special celebration like a birthday.  After all, baptism is the day that we are reborn.  We become children of God, active members of the Church, and temples of the Holy Spirit.  Original sin is washed away; we receive sanctifying grace and the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity are infused within us.  The reality of baptism certainly gives us great cause to celebrate.
Years ago babies were baptized very close to the day that they were born.  This was perhaps due to greater infant mortality.  My own baptism was within three weeks of my birth.  The holy father, Pope Benedict, was born on Holy Saturday and baptized the same day.  Another reason for fairly quick baptisms may have been that people were more aware of their faith back then and there was a greater understanding of the sacramental meaning of baptism.  Today there are preparation classes and schedules for baptism.  Years ago, you just showed up at the Church with the baby.

Today let us thank God for the gift of baptism, for the gift of our faith and for the anointing we received through this awesome sacrament.

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