Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Mental Retardation" To "Intellectual Disability" - A Hollow Victory?

Academicians, I'd like to direct your attention to our sister-in-Christ and Catholic Blogosphere neighbor, Leticia Velasquez,  who produces the wonderful Causa Nostre Laetitia blog.

Leticia  is a remarkably strong and faith-filled person, and a dedicated defender of human life.  She is the mother three daughters, Gabriela,16, Isabella,12, and Christina, 7, with Down Syndrome (that's Christina, above, picking apples).

Leticia is also one of the founders of  KIDS: Keep Infants With Down Syndrome.  KIDS was formed for the purpose of gathering families who have children with Down syndrome and proclaim the joys their special children bring to them, and to raise awareness about the tragically high 90% abortion rate of babies prenatally diagnosed with Down Syndrome. 

Leticia questions the Obama administration's motive in the recent Federal re-labeling of "retarded" to "intellectually disabled."  Says Leticia, "I would prefer my daughter to be called a 'retard' and know that abortion of babies with Down syndrome had ceased."

Please take some time and read Leticia's enlightening and inspiring posts:
No More "Mental Retardation." So?   and   Count Me In.

God bless you, Leticia, Christina, and Family -- 
and thank you for your efforts in protecting the lives of infants with Down Syndrome!

The "Assistant Headmaster"

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