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Boo! Part Five: Redux: About Ghosts, Ouija Boards, Séances, And The Occult In General

'Tis now the very
witching time of night,
When churchyards yawn
and hell itself breathes out
Contagion to this world… .
William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 2

"Redux" is an adjective which means "brought back, restored" (from the Latin reducere - to bring back).
Welcome to Boo! Redux! 
Since Halloween is fast upon us, and so many people are going to do so many stupid and dangerously sinful things, I felt it apropos to resurrect portions of my original series, Boo! About Ghosts. Here are links to the original Series, if you're interested: 
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Our Lord Jesus and His Apostles taught the Church that each individual will appear before God immediately after death, receive judgment, and be assigned to one of three states of existence: Heaven, Purgatory, or Hell.

The souls of deceased human beings, immediately after death, encounter God, are judged individually, and then dispatched to Hell, Purgatory, or Heaven until the Last Judgment comes.  The souls of human beings after death are present and accounted for in Hell, Purgatory, or Heaven.
So, human souls do not cause paranormal events.  The only agency involved are Evil Spirits: Demons masquerading as the souls of deceased human persons.  Neither your deceased Aunt Tilly nor any other human soul is moving the planchette around on the Ouija Board, nor speaking through Mediums. “Dead men tell no tales.”

There are reasons why God says “No” to human beings involving themselves with "ghosts" and spirits. Simply put, when we human beings get involved with discarnate spirits, like demons, we are swimming with spiritual sharks, playing with incredibly dangerous spiritual powers.
  • They are psychologically stronger than us, smarter than us. 
  • They are hostile, angry, devious, evil beings which want to destroy us. 
  • They hate us. 
  • They want to pull us into the eternal misery and hopelessness that they exist in for eternity (see Chapter Three of The Book Of Genesis)
Evil spirits manage to capture us through our freely chosen, altered state of consciousness in which we must place ourselves in order to sense them.
For example: When we pray, especially in contemplation, we voluntarily shift our brain activity to a higher consciousness, a concentrated, intentional openness of our intellect and emotions, in order to discern the presence of God and permit Him to enter our hearts and minds.
In activities like séances, using a Ouija Board, or ghost hunting, you must place your mind into a state of consciousness which mimics -- rather, mocks -- the form of consciousness which you should be offering to God, and God alone: A concentrated, intentional openness of our intellect and emotions: receptive and unprotected. You have now intentionally unlocked all the doors and windows of your conscious and unconscious mind and emotions, and have invited these monsters into your being.  It won't be long before you feel the effects of these diabolical squatters in your life.  They will start destroying your mind, emotions, and faith. Demons accomplish their goals by “messing with your head.”

Sinful human pride is what coaxes people’s fascination with the Paranormal and Occult.  Spiritualism and obsession with the paranormal are pseudo-religions: religions without God ― because, in these false religions, you are god.  Implanting tiny, poisonous seeds of temptation in your heart:
  • Demons and toxic spirits will stimulate feelings of omniscience in you, feelings that you are special, apart from and better than other people ― because you have special knowledge given to you by these spirits.
  • They will stroke your ego and help inflate it.
  • Then, when you are so pleased and comfortable with all your “specialness,” comes the catch:
  • You messed with discarnate beings who have fallen from God's grace! And, in doing so, YOU have fallen from God's grace!
Those tiny seeds of temptations just mentioned above may soon dissipate and seem to be gone. But in their places, will erupt demonic vines which will coil around you and hold you tight.
  • You will be afraid!  I mean AFRAID FOR YOUR LIFE!
  • You will know a ruinous fear like you’ve never experienced before -- inescapable fear.
  • The demons will keep attacking you intellectually and emotionally: At any time or any place they desire.
  • They will terrorize you over and over with feelings of terror, isolation, paranoia, indecisiveness, helplessness, defenselessness and vulnerability.
  • You may hear their voices.
  • You may see things.
  • You may experience objects moving, physical touches, or violent physical abuse from them.
  • Your emotions will suddenly change from normal and balanced into angry rages or weepy, lonesome, deep despair -- even hopeless, suicidal sadness!
You will especially feel these attacks in regard to your relationship with God.
  • The demons will tell you that God will not forgive you;
  • That they own a piece of you now, and that no one can help you.
  • Your faith will be attacked – beaten to a bloody pulp.
  • And finally comes the despair and thoughts of suicide.
Isolation, rage, despair, and hopelessness are what these evil beings will feel for eternity. And misery does love company ― especially captive human company.

No one should deceive him-/herself about the spiritual dangers involved.
These evil spirits truly can hook one of their claws into your soul.
Hey, after all, you did invite them to come in!  You intentionally poked a hole through one of the shingles on your roof to give them access. And, now, they will come and go as they please.
But, they mostly do not go. And getting them out is intensely difficult.
Ask any exorcist, or anyone who has been delivered from these unseen monsters.

"If you play with fire, you are going to get burned."  You will eventually suffer losses:
  • The loss of your faith and hope;
  • The loss of peace and balance in your life;
  • The loss of your feeling loved by friends or loved ones (whom you will unconsciously push away from you to produce that loss of love);
  • The loss of self-confidence and decisiveness, and in some cases,
  • The loss of your sanity!
Any attempt to communicate with unseen-entities through spiritualistic practices, psychics, the Occult, etc.,  is extremely dangerous and a very serious a.k.a. Mortal Sin.  The Church, down through the ages, has very wisely forbidden it.

So, dear Academicians, here is a short summary of the directive principles of Catholic Teaching on “ghosts,” Spiritualism, Mediums, and the foolish pursuit of ANY paranormal activities. Simply stated:
“Do not have recourse to the spirits of the dead or to mediums: they will defile you.”
Leviticus 19:31
“Any man or woman who is a necromancer or magician must be put to death by stoning; their blood shall be on their own heads.”
Leviticus 20:27
“There must never be anyone among you who practices divination, who is a psychic, augur, or sorcerer, who uses charms, consults ghosts and spirits, or calls up the dead.  For the man who does these things is detestable to the Lord your God!”
Deuteronomy 18:10-12

The Church has not dogmatically pronounced upon the essential nature of spiritualistic phenomena.  Nonetheless, the Church forbids the general body of the faithful to take any part in spiritualistic practices.  When paranormal manifestations occur, the Church suspects that diabolical agencies are intervening. [ Religione Spirite,  by Pere Th. Mainage, O.P. (Paris, France: Revue Des Jeunes, 1921; page 176).]
Historically, there are two decisions rendered by the Holy Office which deal directly with the question concerning Catholics being involved with spirits, Spiritualism, and Mediums.
The first decree is is dated March 30, 1898. It is a reference to the practice of automatic writing. The question was:
"(A man named) Titius, while excluding from his purpose any compact with the spirit of evil, is accustomed to evoke the souls of the dead. His method is this: Being alone in his room, without any kind of external ceremony, he prays to the leader of the heavenly hosts to grant him the opportunity of conversing with the spirit of some definite person. He waits for a little time and then he feels his hand moved, and by this he learns the presence of the spirit. Then he explains what he wants to know and his hand writes the answers to the questions proposed. All these answers are in accord with the Faith and with the Church's teaching regarding a future life. For the most part such replies relate to the state of the soul of some dead person, the need that it has of prayers, and complaints of the negligence of its relatives. In the circumstances explained it is asked whether this practice of Titius is permissible."
The answer was: “In the circumstances explained it is not permissible.” This decision was ratified by His Holiness Pope Leo XIII. [Analecta Ecclesiastica, Vol. VI, p.187]
Twenty years later, in a full assembly of the Congregation of the Holy Office, the following question was discussed:
"Is it lawful by means of a medium, or without a medium, whether hypnotism be employed or not, to take part in any sort of spiritistic communications or manifestations, even such as present an appearance of sincerity and piety, either by questioning the souls or spirits, or by listening to the answers received, or merely by looking on, even with a silent or explicit protest that one has no wish to have anything to do with evil spirits."
The answer was: "The most Eminent and Reverend Fathers decided that in every one of these suppositions the answer must be in the negative." This decree was ratified on April 26, 1917, by His Holiness Pope Benedict XV. [Acta Apostolicae Sedis, Vol. IX, p. 268.]

If you or any friends or family members have been involved with the paranormal/occult --- Psychics, Mediums, Fortune-Tellers, Séances, Channeling Spirits, Spirit Guides, Ouija Boards, Automatic Writing, Table Tipping, Ghost Hunting, Astrology, Tarot Cards, Astral Projection, Satan Worship, Wicca, or Witchcraft --- please urge your friends or family members:                                        
  • Give these up: completely renounce them;
  • Start or restart living Christian lives;
  • Admit these Mortal Sins in Confession;
  • Perform acts of Penance and Charity in reparation for these sins;
  • Begin going to Daily Mass and Holy Communion (after Confessing these sins);
  • Strive to become and remain holy and in a state of Grace...
... Because spiritual and psychological aftereffects and a weakness toward surrendering to sinful temptations -- stemming from mortally sinful activities with the paranormal -- will literally haunt your friend or family member for years! 
Terry Modica and husband, Ralph Modica

Consult the book, Overcoming The Power Of The Occult, (
Queenship Publishing 
Tel. 800-647-9882
188 pp.  $7.95 + s/h) written in 1996 by Terry Ann Modica,  who was personally involved in several of these mortally sinful activities and returned from them through Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Men of The Catholic Jedi Academy are also Men Of Saint Joseph!

Men of The Catholic Jedi Academy are also Men Of Saint Joseph!
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