Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pharaoh, Does This Sound Familiar?

Which plague was pestilence??  Second?  Third?  Uh oh, I thought it was just one.  But now that I go back and check Exodus 5-10, it turns out that out of the plagues sent to afflict the Egyptians, more than one were pestilence related :  lice (I didn't recall that one), flies, frogs and locusts.

In a previous post,  we noted that a village in Greece had been overrun by frogs.  Now, as I look around the blogosphere, it seems that pestilence is everywhere!

First at Father Z, it's the rats.  It seems that a rectory in Georgia is infested with them.  He recommends the prayer against rats (Prex Deprecatoria).  One of his commenters suggests confirming them, that way they'll only show up at Easter and Christmas!
                                                         (Photo cribbed from Father Z)

Then Drudge reports that Australia is facing its worst plague of locusts in 75 years:
A one-kilometre wide swarm of locusts can chomp through 10 tons of crops – a third of their combined body weight – in a day. The New South Wales Farmers Association said an area the size of Spain was affected and the Government of Victoria alone forecasts A$2bn (£1.2bn) of damage.   (the Independent)

And, finally, the growing bed bug infestation in New York has now spread to Bloomingdales!!  The city council has just established an advisory board to address the problem (not to sound too cynical, but I don't see this helping).

OK, so that's it on the pestilence front.   I don't even want to think about the other plagues (If you're really curious, go read through Exodus).  Right now I'm beginning to itch.

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Men of The Catholic Jedi Academy are also Men Of Saint Joseph!
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