Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Official House Cat of National Cathedral Retires

"Katherine of Tarragon", the official house cat of the Washington National Cathedral has retired to North Carolina.  Her replacement, "Carmina", will be installed at the blessing of the animals on Sunday.

According to the website of the Cathedral Choral Society, Katherine was a fixture at the cathedral for 15 years:
Ms. Tarragon was only a kitten when she began her work as an entry-level mouse catcher in the Cathedral Greenhouse 15 years ago. It is there, where she spent most of her career until the closing of the Greenhouse in 2008. During which time, Ms. Tarragon inspired a retail product line at the Cathedral's Museum Shop where Katherine cards can be found. She spent the remainder of her professional career in the Cathedral Library, helping CCS and Cathedral records staff with daily office activities such as chasing strings across the floor, sleeping on the outgoing mail, and basking on the warm floor in front of the copy machine. Ms. Tarragon spent most mornings outside the front door of the library greeting everyone from staff and bike messengers, to visiting dignitaries.
May she have a long and restful retirement.  And, although the cathedral was Episcopalian, perhaps someday, she will consider becoming a Cat-lick. (groan)

Men of The Catholic Jedi Academy are also Men Of Saint Joseph!

Men of The Catholic Jedi Academy are also Men Of Saint Joseph!
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