Monday, September 20, 2010

Elderly Are a Blessing for Society

 One of the overlooked events in the pope's busy schedule in Scotland and England, was his visit to St. Peter's residence for the aged run by the Little Sisters of the Poor.  According to a CNA report,  the holy father called the growing population of elderly in the world as "a blessing for society"  and said that their care should be more a "repayment of a debt of gratitude" than a mere "act of generosity."

As someone who is blessed on a daily basis by contact with the elderly, I can say that gratitude and respect should be given to them more frequently.  Unfortunately,  in our youth oriented culture, we don't always take the time to learn from our elders or to respect their contribution to our families and to our world that has provided us with the lifestyle we enjoy today.

One group that will almost always hold our senior citizens in high regard are their grandchildren.  Grandparents and grandchildren share a special bond and the child who has a grandparent involved in his or her life has an invaluable treasure.  Grandparents have the time and the wisdom to lavish on a child and less of the burden of child rearing (although quite a few grandparents have that, as well).  And in addition to the gift of time, attention and encouragement, grandparents provide their families with the gift of prayer.

As the pope put it in his remarks, the late years of one's life "may well be among the most spiritually fruitful years of our lives...They can be years to remember loved ones in prayer and offer a lifetime of experiences to God.  This will surely be a great spiritual comfort and enable us to discover anew his love and goodness all the days of our life."

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