Thursday, August 12, 2010

World Cup Brought to Our Lady of Guadalupe

                                            (NY Times picture)

The president of the Spanish soccer federation brought the World Cup to Mexico today and offered it to Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Angel Maria Villar presented the trophy to Msgr. Monroy Ponce at the basilica in thanksgiving for an answer to a prayer request he made to Our Lady before the competition.  Villar said,
“Every time I have come to Mexico, I have visited the Basilica. When I came to sign the agreement for the match in Mexico I went to Mass and I prayed for one thing, to be world champions.  I am selfish—you’re not supposed to ask for those things and the mother of God granted it to me,”
This is interesting.  I didn't realize you could take the World Cup around the world with you.   OK, now that I read a little further, I see that the team was in Mexico for a soccer match between the two countries.  Oh well, it would have been a really good story if they had flown over for the sole reason of presenting the trophy to Our Lady.  Even so, how many sports teams celebrate their victories by attending Mass? 

And how many altar boys get to serve Mass with the World Cup in attendance?

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