Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why Marriage?

The recent decision in California, overturning the prohibition against same sex marriage, should make one think about the ultimate purpose of marriage in society.  As Catholics, we believe that God ordained marriage to be between one man and woman.  It was not very long ago that to think anything to the contrary would have been deemed as ridiculous.

In our society, many have come to see marriage as a fundamental right, which should not be denied for any reason.  If two people love each other, goes the common thinking, then why should we deny them the right to be married?  If marriage no longer has a traditional meaning, we can make it into anything we want.  Taking that thinking to its logical conclusion, if a man loves his dog, why should he be denied the ability to marry it? 

I'll spend some time in future posts going over Judge Walker's decision in this case.  It is a wild decision to put it mildly, but especially so for a federal judge steeped in the Constitution.  For continuing excellent coverage of the legal shenanigans in California,  keep up with Ed Whelan's analysis over at National Review Online.

For today, here's a snippet from the defense counsel's explanation of the purpose of marriage:
“the historical record leaves no doubt … that the central purpose of marriage in virtually all societies and at all times has been to channel potentially procreative sexual relationships into enduring stable unions to increase the likelihood that any offspring will be raised by the man and woman who brought them into the world.”
 It's those pesky children again!  Demanding responsibility from their parents and, don't say it!... sacrifice.

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