Thursday, August 5, 2010

Raising Children - Loving Unconditionally

For all of you parents out there, or for anyone who has children in their life, I highly recommend the group blog Faith and Family Live.  It is put out by the people who publish the National Catholic Register and who also publish a magazine called Faith & Family.  The blog features mostly Moms talking about raising kids in our world today.

A recent post concerned dealing with a little one who becomes stubborn, willful and downright ornery when told it's bedtime.  What is a parent to do?  The mom who wrote the post wonders whether her head will spin off one day from trying to deal with the tribulations of raising children.  She writes,
"I feel like it’s pretty easy for me to be a good mother to a baby. Infants have simple needs. They don’t disobey, and you can build the parent-child relationship just by holding them on your lap.  Older kids, on the other hand, are complicated. My daughter will be four in October, and while in many ways she is absolutely delightful, I feel like I’m starting to get a glimpse of all the potential challenges in our future."

One of the commenters addressed the issue beautifully:
"You will learn to love a person whose behavior you sometimes dislike.  You will learn to love a person who might some day temporarily dislike you.  You will learn to love when conditions are hard—which means you will learn to love without conditions, as God does.
In fact, you are already doing this!  That’s why your love grows even as her ability to frustrate you grows.  It means you are becoming even more Christ like.  You love her for her sake, not because she makes you feel good.  You love her whether she makes you feel good or not."
 What a beautiful reminder of the selflessness of parenting.  It's the world's toughest job, but the one that is most necessary, for everyone's good.

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Men of The Catholic Jedi Academy are also Men Of Saint Joseph!
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