Friday, August 13, 2010

Psychics Are A No-No

Twice this week I encountered restaurants that are sponsoring "evenings with a psychic."  For  a set price, you get dinner plus the chance to hear some guy tell you that your late Aunt Tillie really didn't mean to hurt your feelings when she returned your Christmas present.  I'm being a little glib, but this psychic craze is really serious and dangerous business.

Please see the posts that our Assistant Headmaster did on the danger (and I mean DANGER) of dabbling in the occult (see posts here and here).  God has made it clear in sacred scripture and through the magisterium of the Church that we are forbidden to visit soothsayers, attempt to contact the dead, engage in magic, etc., etc.  As they say in that old country song, "what part of no don't you understand?"

When you visit a psychic or a medium, you may be talking to somebody, but it won't be your Aunt Tillie.  You are opening the door to big time evil stuff.  And once that door is open it takes a lot of work to close it again.  If you have visited a psychic or engaged in any new age mysticism, get yourself to confession ASAP!!  And that includes getting caught up in astrology, tarot cards, fortune telling, etc.    Disobedience has created a rupture in your spiritual life and confession is the first and necessary step to getting yourself out of this mess.  You will not be able to repair the damage alone.

So, the next time you see a restaurant or bar offering an evening with a psychic, tell them you'll be taking your business elsewhere.  There's bad stuff buzzing around these events and you don't need to be sitting in the middle of it.  And watch what happens to these restaurants.  From what I've seen, business does not improve.

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Men of The Catholic Jedi Academy are also Men Of Saint Joseph!
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