Friday, August 27, 2010

Atheist Doctors More Likely to Kill You

Or, as the guys at Creative Minority Report put it, "Ask your doctor if they believe in God."  The U.K.'s Guardian newspaper is reporting on a British study that determined the following:
"Independently of specialty, doctors who described themselves as non-religious were more likely than others to report having given continuous deep sedation until death, having taken decisions they expected or partly intended to end life, and to have discussed these decisions with patients judged to have the capacity to participate in discussions."
Fr. Timothy Finigan of the Hermeneutic of Continuity blog in England, discusses the underlying bias of the report against believers.   According to Fr. Finigan, "The spin given to the reporting of Clive Searle's research is a clear hint that "religious" doctors should be controlled and prevented from having so much influence in the palliative care of the dying." 

But, it has been my experience in the U.S., as well, that those of us who fight for ordinary care for the dying or seriously ill, are definitely swimming against the tide.  Unfortunately, some of the resistance comes from clergy or others in a position of spiritual authority, not just from medical personnel.  I once had a priest tell me that it would be better to remove a particular patient's feeding tube and let him "go home."  Now, mind you, this person was not suffering from a terminal illness, but from advanced dementia.  When I related to him Pope John Paul II's teaching on food and water as ordinary care, he told me that the pope wasn't always right.

St. Luke pray for us!

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