Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Woman Fired Because of "Negative Energy" Coming from her Unborn Child

In a very weird reverse religious discrimination chase, a Nebraska woman has entered a claim against Hearthstone Homes and its CEO John Smith, for her firing  after a determination that there was negative energy coming from her since she became pregnant.  According to a lawsuit filed in federal court,  Hearthstone's CEO, "...a disciple of “intuitive spirituality,” believes, among other things, that employees can become more productive by having “negative energy” cleansed from their bodies" (onpointnews.com)

Jammie Harms stated in her complaint that Smith, for whom she had been an executive assistant, told her that "...her fetus was creating a negative energy field in the work place."

The company denies the allegation and states that the new age beliefs of its CEO are not imposed on any employees.  (h/t jill stanek)

Academy alert on New Age philosophies/ teachings:  Just Stay Away!!   One more trap for those who are weak in the faith or who have been away from the sacraments.  But it is a big trap and a bad trap.  For some insight into this area, try reading Fr. Mitch Pacwa's book "Catholics and the New Age."  It's pretty scary stuff.  But, unfortunately, there are plenty of Catholics out there who don't understand the danger in visiting psychics, using a Ouija board, or engaging in astrology.  If you know anyone who does these things, tell them to get out as quickly as possible, and then get to confession.

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