Monday, July 19, 2010

Protect the Pope

It seems that concern for the pope's visit to England is growing.  Matthew Archbold has just written an article entitled "Is the Pope in Danger?" for the National Catholic Register.  In it, he quotes an Islamic publication in England that appears to be inciting unrest when the pope comes to Birmingham:
“A change of venue gives Birmingham Muslims a chance to tell the Pope just what they think of him after his insults against the Prophet Muhammad… As well as this chance to challenge these evil words of this evil Pope, over 80,000 Catholics from all over the UK are also expected to attend the open air ceremony….We hope Muslims can be there to meet him as well and to also call people away from the shirk of worshipping the dead like the Catholics do, calling out to them for help and intercession…The Birmingham event however brings the pope and who worship him into direct contact with the the large Muslim population of Birmingham and offers them the perfect chance to learn about Islam and for the Muslims to forbid the Munkar of worshipping dead men and following the dictates of the sodomite child molesting Church of Rome…"  (The Islamic Standard)
 A new website has been established in England, called "Protect the Pope."  It carries news of the pope's upcoming trip, prayers for his safety and contact information for the local police.  Its British author states the following about the purpose of the site:
"When I talk to other Catholics about the Holy Father’s visit in September, most express concern about his safety. The unprecedented level of hostility, ridicule and ill-will from certain public figures and sections of the press has got some Catholics genuinely worried that Pope Benedict is going to be embarrassed or even hurt.
After centuries of institutionalised anti-Catholicism one thing Catholics in this country are sensitive about is religious hate, and there are plenty of signs that this is rearing its ugly head again."
As Father Zuhlsdorf exhorts, "Pray for the pope."

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