Sunday, July 18, 2010

Peter Hitchens - the Other Brother

Renowned atheist Christopher Hitchens, who has been in the news of late  because of his cancer diagnosis, is not the only well known Hitchens.  Peter Hitchens, his brother, writes a column for the Mail Online.  While Christopher defines himself as a secular humanist or an "anti-theist" and has written works such as his 2007 book "God is Not Great, " his brother Peter is a social conservative. 

With the Pope scheduled to visit England this September, I found a recent column by Peter Hitchens about the moral and social state of the country to be interesting.  He writes,

" is obvious now that the unleashed passions of the new underclass are pretty nasty. How could they not be? They have been brought up to be nasty, or at least nobody in our neon-lit, raucous Babylon has ever had any opportunity to persuade them to be anything else but nasty during their formative years.
The cultural revolution of the Sixties robbed the British poor of anything to believe in, or any reason to try to be good. Patriotism was derided and rejected. The Christian religion was mocked, marginalised and studied – if at all – as a weird curiosity.
The stable two-parent families in which children learned manners and morals were more or less abolished, so that a household with two contin­uously married parents is now a luxury item, as is an orderly classroom.
The virtues of patience, stoicism, thrift, temperance, constancy and modesty were reclassified as ‘repression’ and ‘inhibition’ and all were encouraged to cast them off. And they did, so that on Friday and Sat­urday nights it often seems as if half the young people of Britain have decided to dress as hookers, and the other half as convicts newly released from 19th Century hulks."  (July 18, 2010 column for MailonSunday)
 What a sad state of affairs.  I'm sure there are many reasons for this moral decay, but the sharp decline in religious observance, especially among Christians, could only have added to this sorry condition.  Cardinal Newman ora pro Britain.

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