Thursday, July 29, 2010

It is Harder for a Rich Man...

I've been wanting to write about the NY Times Magazine's cover story on the new abortionists, but there's just so much that is disturbing in the article, that it's been hard to distill it down to a few cogent observations.  However,  I want to at least focus on the funding of an abortion training program called the "Family Planning Fellowship."

This  program, according to the Times, has expanded into 21 universities, and its overarching purpose is to train doctors to perform abortions.  Many of these new doctors confine themselves to early term abortions that can be done in the office without surgical intervention.  These "medical" abortions are cleaner, simpler and, apparently, less of a tug on the conscience than surgical abortions (although I wouldn't be so sure about that).

The author initially dances around the source of the  funding for the Family Planning Fellowship, intimating that it is a famous person who doesn't really want it to be known that he is training the next platoon of abortionists.  But eventually it is disclosed that the financial backing is provided by the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation.  Susan Thompson Buffett was the wife of  wealthy billionaire Warren Buffet.  After her death in 2004, Warren contributed about $3 billion to her foundation, with most of the funding going to abortion and contraception advocacy and research.  Evidently this tidbit was the big disclosure of the article since Warren Buffett  has never spoken publicly about his views on abortion.  But, as they say, "actions speak louder than words."

Why rich men and women who have vast resources at their fingertips are drawn to funding a culture of death is baffling.  So many poor and disadvantaged people could be helped by their largesse.  Why don't the pro-abortion groups ask them the same question they ask pro-lifers - "Why don't you put your resources into taking care of those who are already born?"  Just imagine someone of Warren Buffett's wealth funding crisis pregnancy centers.  Maybe we should ask.

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