Saturday, July 24, 2010

Elena Kagan - Justice Does Not Become Her

If there has ever been a worse nominee for the position of justice of the United States Supreme Court than Elena Kagan, I can't recall one.  Ms. Kagan not only has a very thin resume as a lawyer , and no experience as a judge, she also holds extreme political views that color all of her decisions even when they directly conflict with the words of the Constitution.

Of all of her political meddling, the distortion of the wording of a memo on partial birth abortion has to be the most disturbing.  If she is willing to be dishonest in order to have her political beliefs reign supreme, how will she serve as an impartial justice?

The guys at Powerline have posted an excerpt from the Republican caucus' statement on this point:
"Memos reveal President Clinton first supported a partial birth abortion ban with a health exception, but Kagan successfully convinced him that the procedure should be widely available, including elective abortions for "non-health related reasons." She later reviewed and called a "disaster" a draft statement by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) concluding that partial birth abortion was never the only option to save the woman's life or health. So she provided ACOG with new language, which they adopted, saying that partial birth abortion may be the "best" procedure in certain cases. Yet, Kagan testified that she "at all times" advanced "the President's views," not hers, and took no action to influence medical views."
Sorry, but in my opinion, this episode alone is sufficient to deny her a seat on the court.  The country is in trouble when the person who was the key facilitator for the legality of partial birth abortion is honored with the title of "Justice."

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