Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The Center for Bioethics and Culture has released its film "Eggsploitation" according to Wesley Smith at the Secondhand Smoke blog.

From the film's website:
"The infertility industry in the United States has grown to a multi-billion dollar business. What is its main commodity? Human eggs. Young women all over the world are solicited by ads—via college campus bulletin boards, social media, online classifieds—offering up to $100,000 for their “donated” eggs, to “help make someone’s dream come true.” But who is this egg donor? Is she treated justly? What are the short- and long-term risks to her health? The answers to these questions will disturb you . . ." 
In addition to the medical risks, what about the emotional risks of waking up one day and realizing that an egg with your genetic markings has gone on to potentially conceive a child that you will never meet?  How sad that abortion has deprived us of so many babies that could have been put up for adoption, and instead we've created a multi-billion dollar industry in artificially created human beings.  And left in its wake are the human casualties who have been used as a commodity and then disregarded once their bodies have been violated so that those with the resources can build their "perfect" families.

How much longer can we mock God and brazenly dare to make ourselves the creators of life?  I'm often reminded of my grandmother's phrase, "one day people are going to get too smart for their own good." 

The DVD can be purchased from the film's website.  Information for showing the film and  screening schedules can be found there, as well.

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