Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Catholicism As a Hate Crime

Dr. Ken Howell,  an adjunct professor at the University of Illinois who taught courses on Catholicism, has been fired for agreeing with the Church's teaching on same sex relationships. The university responded to a student email that insisted Dr. Howell's teaching constituted "hate speech." 

It appears that Dr. Howell overestimated the University's tolerance of opinions that diverge from those of modern academia.  This is a trend in the world of the educated elite.  Tolerance is only extended to those who agree with the prevailing point of view.  Or, in the case of extreme elements, tolerance is extended to those who may physically cause harm to those who disagree. 

Catholicism is becoming more and more despised by the world at large.  In Dr. Howell's case, he was not only dismissed by the University, but also by the campus Newman center which is run by the Diocese of Peoria.  That part confuses me a little, since on would think that the diocese would take a strong stand.  We'll have to wait for more information, however, to see if there was a contractual obligation with the university that Newman center employees had to be employees of the university.

Much more detailed information can be found over at CatholicVoteAction.org.  All are being asked to contact the University at publicaffairs@illinois.edu to voice their opposition to Dr. Howell's dismissal.

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