Saturday, June 19, 2010

What's Art Got to Do With It?

Living here in the outer boroughs, we sometimes get a bad rap from those who live in the oh-so-sophisticated borough of New York a/k/a "Manhattan."  However, distance can provide perspective, especially when it comes to the stuff that's been passing itself off as "art" lately.

The latest is the brainchild of Luke Jerram, a British "artist", who has decided that it would be a wonderfully creative idea to place 50 pianos at various places in New York City.  These locations will include the Coney Island boardwalk and a waterfront park in Queens.  I hope these pianos can be stored somewhere when evening falls and the crowds die down, otherwise, there are most likely some who will decide that rearranging the pianos will constitute an even better artistic endeavor.

And, as far as the artist's belief that the placement of the pianos will provide a "blank canvas" for "creativity",  Ann Althouse notes,
So I just hope.... I just hope, if your apartment or office is within earshot of one of those pianos that you like "Chopsticks," "Für Elise," Billy Joel songs, and the way it sounds when someone drags their fingers the full length of the keyboard. Why do Jerram and Bloomberg think that saccharine everyman "creativity" will blossom?
This YouTube clip provides a glimpse of the type of creativity that will most likely be emanating from these artistic installations:

via Ann Althouse

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