Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hey Rude....

I'm sure that Paul McCartney's mother must have taught him that it's bad manners to make fun of someone else in public.  Especially when you're making stuff up.  Now that he's all grown up, I guess he's beyond being polite.  Different rules for the entertainment royalty.

When McCartney told a captive and fawning audience at the White House how happy he was to be there and performing for a president who "knows what a library is," he got a lot of laughs.  Ha Ha, what a riot! It reminds me of those who take pot shots at Christianity.  Easy target.  Not much chance of getting a punch in the nose and, more likely, your post-modern cool person "cred" will be burnished.  So, what did he accomplish?  Those who loved him, will probably continue to love him.  But, those who just gave him props because he was a Beatle and a rock and roll icon, may be left with a different image.  Part of his legacy may now be that he had talent, but he didn't have class.  But, perhaps he can remedy that by apologizing.  If not, next time we may have to say good bye when he says hello and just give him a ticket to ride right back to the U.K. (or back in the USSR, if he prefers...I'm sure he could get some good chuckles telling Putin jokes over there).

Update:  As a commenter on the Ann Althouse blog said, rather than "Hey Jude", it would have been more appropriate for McCartney to sing "Taxman" to President Obama.

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Men of The Catholic Jedi Academy are also Men Of Saint Joseph!
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