Sunday, May 2, 2010

Stupak Language Back....Without Stupak

OK, this is bizarre.  as so many bloggers and others have been pointing out, ObamaCare is going to funnel money into the abortion industry.  The Hyde amendment which must be reauthorized every year, prevents federal funds from directly paying for abortions.  However, ObamaCare will pump dollars into Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers in spite of the Hyde amendment.  And, if the Hyde amendment is not reauthorized, there's no holding back government funded abortion.

In order to address this problem, Rep. Joseph Pitts has introduced legislation (H.R. 5111) that would amend the ObamaCare statute to include a clear prohibition against government funded abortion.  The proposed language of the amendment is almost identical to that drafted by congressman Bart Stupak last November.  Rep. Pitts has 57 co-sponsors for the bill.  Who's missing?  Bart Stupak and most of his so-called "pro-life" coalition .  One has to wonder, if inclusion of this language was so important to the pro-life democrats, why won't Stupak and the others support it now?

(n.b. - there are four Democrat sponsors of the bill:   Rep. Brad Ellsworth of Indiana, Steve Driehaus of Ohio, and Reps. Allan Mollohan and Nick Rahall of West Virginia)

(h/t Ed Morrissey at HotAir)

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