Monday, May 3, 2010

Fr. Jenkins: ND 88 Should Have Protested According to His Rules

Father Z has an excellent post concerning the arrest and prosecution of the 88 protesters who were arrested at Notre Dame last year when they protested the university's honoring of President Obama.  Father Jenkins, Notre Dame's president, has issued a statement on the ongoing prosecution/persecution of the defendants and his refusal to drop the charges.

Here are a few of Father Z's comments on a portion of Father Jenkin's somewhat disingenuous statement:
“We require that any campus demonstration, regardless of the issue, be organized by a student, faculty or staff member, receive approval from the University through the Office of Student Affairs, and be peaceful and orderly. [You honored a pro-abortion president.] Those who were arrested last spring met none of these criteria and, in particular, were led by individuals who threatened peace and order by promising upheaval on our campus. [You had an octogenarian priest arrested.]  Several pro-life demonstrations that met our criteria were held on campus before and during Commencement. Those now charged with trespass could have joined these protests without interference or arrest. [Protest our way and you won’t be arrested.] 
Go to Father Z's blog for the entire commentary.  It's well worth it.

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