Sunday, April 25, 2010

Long Island Nurses Disciplined for Refusal to Assist in Abortion

The Long Island Catholic had an article last week concerning eight nurses who had disciplinary actions leveled against them by the Nassau University Medical Center for refusing to participate in an abortion.  This occurred even though years earlier the nurses had signed papers stipulating that they would not be required to assist in an abortion. The nurses union (CSEA) is filing a grievance.

Thanks to those who assisted in the passage of the Obama health care act without getting conscience protections,  we will be facing these types of situations more and more frequently.   The law was passed without so much of a nod to conscience,  in spite of the fact that the bishops received assurances from Ted Kennedy and from Mr. Obama himself, that such protections would be included.

According to the New York State Department of Health statistics, the Medical Center is the site of several hundred abortions per year.  Isn't it strange that if a hospital had a rate of 60 healthy patients dying after coming to their facility, the place would be shut down.  But abortion is always the exception to any rational rule.

Equal protection for all, except those who disagree with the prevailing culture.

Update:    The Long Island Catholic reports today (April 28, 2010) that the hospital has rescinded its penalties against the nurses and apologized to them.  The president of the Nassau University Medical Center stated, "Do I wish that management had investigated the situation more thoroughly before acting?  Absolutely."

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