Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Judge to Permit Questioning of Notre Dame Officials in Obama Protest Case

The Thomas More Society reports that the judge in the ND 88 case is permitting depositions of Notre Dame officials.  This will be done in order to determine who were the key decision makers in the arrest of those protesting the honoring of President Obama at last year's graduation.

Tom Brejcha, the head of the Society, calls this decision very important, because Notre Dame purportedly has shown different treatment for other protesters on campus.  He states:
“A Notre Dame alumni group, Sycamore Trust, recently reported that homosexual rights and anti-ROTC protesters received, at worst, mere slaps on the wrist for leading unauthorized protests on campus. We believe that through discovery we may well uncover evidence that the Notre Dame police engaged in ‘viewpoint discrimination:’ that the university singled out the ND88 for especially harsh treatment.”

This is going to be interesting.  According to the society, some the information defense counsel is seeking to obtain:
  • Who gave authority to the Notre Dame Police Department to arrest the ND88
  • Who decided that the listed Defendants were not allowed on campus during the month of May, 2009, and when those decisions were made
  • Notre Dame’s policies and practices regarding demonstrations on campus
  • All communications between Notre Dame and any outside policing entities regarding the treatment and arrest of these Defendants and which communications occurred prior to the arrests

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