Thursday, April 22, 2010

Autism Link to Vaccines Using Cells of Aborted Fetuses? reports on a study performed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency that seems to point to the use of cells derived from aborted fetuses in vaccines as a factor in the increase in autism in children in the United States.  Wow.  Jim Sedlak of the American Life League is joining in a call for fair labeling of these vaccines.  As he puts it:
“For years the evidence has pointed toward the link between vaccines using DNA from aborted babies and the rise of Autism Disorder rates. Parents need and deserve to know the risks associated with vaccinations made from lines derived from the bodies of aborted children.”
 The focus of many studies has been on the mercury content of these vaccines. I wonder what will happen now that there is a strong indication of a link to abortion?  Most likely, there will be a wave of denial.

 When will we ever learn?  Stem cells from aborted fetuses seem to cause all sorts of medical problems despite the glowing predictions of the abortion rights lobby.  Doesn't it stand to reason that God will not permit his  children to be destroyed and used as medical spare parts?   Bizarre... we inject the DNA of babies into other babies so that they won't get sick.  This sounds like a weird science fiction movie.

Jill Stanek also reports on this study and includes the following table which shows the increase in the incidence of autism after the cells of aborted fetuses began to be used in the vaccinations:

Go to Michigan Right to Life's website to see a list of vaccines that use aborted fetal cells.

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