Monday, March 22, 2010

Living In Hope, Part Two

Our trust in God and in His faithfulness toward us guarantees the reality of our future, and permits us to imagine the wonders we will experience in that future.
God has built into us a desire for that future -- more precisely, a hope for that future.

You and I cannot achieve the future by our own ability. You and I can't place our confidence in our own efforts. We can only confidently hope that God, in Whom we trust, will give that future to us.
We do not generate hope from somewhere within ourselves. Hope does not come from us. Hope is our response to God's promises given in Jesus Christ. Hope is not a feeling; we can't stir it up at will.
Hope is a choice to say "yes" to God's guarantees.
Hope is a conscious, deliberate acceptance of all of God's promises –- acceptance based on the grounds that nothing could be truer than Truth's own word.

Our hope is lived on this solid foundation: that God's promises have and always will become concrete reality.

Many people have trivialized what hope means. For some, when they say "I hope," they really mean "I wish" or "Wouldn't it be nice if... ."
Christian hope is never wishing: it is not an escape from reality. Hope gives us the power to enter into reality, knowing that there is a future reality greater than the present.
Wishes are open to every bad influence that the world, our flesh, or the devil can dish out. Wishes are too flimsy to build our hopes upon.

That is why Our Lord Jesus left us a secure, rock-solid foundation for our hope: The Church.
The Church is us -- you and I, and all our faithful sisters and brothers in every land. We are the signs of hope to the world –- announcing that God is present and active in this world, even in the midst of the world's woes and problems.

We should be giving hope to others by the way we live –- by our living in hope!
First, we must draw hope from the well for ourselves and, then, pour out that hope into other people's lives -- and do it with joy and with the utmost patience, even in times of hardship and suffering!  Because, the anticipated glory of our future life with Christ is so great, it is already spilling over and being reflected in the present moment, now!

That hope permeates the entire Church, because the Holy Spirit fills each of us.
We can excite that hope within us by living lives of fidelity to prayer and to reading God's promises given us in the Scriptures -- we need to remind ourselves, excite ourselves, renew our hope by participating in Holy Mass every day, if possible.
We then leave Mass filled with the Eucharistic Presence of Christ, and bring our hope out into real life, into the real world, by our mutual forgiveness of each other, by our mutual love and concern and self- sacrifice for each other.

Christian hope is the bridge between us and the fullness of existence God has promised us in His Kingdom in the future. That bridge of hope springs eternally from the security of knowing that God loves us and that God sends us into the world, with all its troubles -- in trust... with hope... to love one another.

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Men of The Catholic Jedi Academy are also Men Of Saint Joseph!

Men of The Catholic Jedi Academy are also Men Of Saint Joseph!
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