Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Dawn of Trouble - Pregnant Women are Like Pedestrians Struck By Drunk Drivers

There is so much mind numbing health care and budget shenanigans coming out of Washington,  that very troublesome changes and appointments are happening without so much as a blip on the radar screen.  Case in point is the looming appointment of Dawn Johnsen as head of the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel (OLC).  Ms. Johnson, an Ivy educated, ACLU trained big time liberal lawyer, espouses such positions as comparing pregnancy to slavery.

Andy McCarthy, a former US attorney and contributor to National Review Online, has a frightening expose of Dawn Johnsen's opinions at the NRO site.  Here's part of McCarthy's analysis of Ms. Johnsen's view of  unintended pregnancies:

On abortion and other issues dear to the Left, she is nothing short of a zealot. She insisted that, without government-provided abortion counseling, a large number of women would be left without “proper information about contraception.” This, she claimed, would mean they “cannot be said to have a meaningful opportunity to avoid pregnancy.” The usual rejoinder to such reasoning is that nobody is forcing these women to have sex. Johnsen sees it differently, writing that these “losers in the contraceptive lottery no more ‘consent’ to pregnancy than pedestrians ‘consent’ to being struck by drunk drivers.”

The Senate Judiciary committee has voted her nomination out of the committee to a floor vote.   Unless the Senate can get its act together and  prevent her approval, we are in for a very bumpy next few years in the Department of Justice.  We were already headed that way with previous political picks, but this one spells nothing but trouble for pro-lifers and all who hold the principles of the Constitution dear.

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