Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Abortion Changes You...

There's an ad campaign that's running on the New York City subway system again.  It's called "Abortion Changes You."  And from the reactions I've been reading, it's struck a nerve.  Here's a shot of one of the ads:
The ads are run by a group who can be found at www.abortionchangesyou.com. and was the inspiration of  Michaelene Fredenburg a woman who had an abortion and found herself unprepared for the emotional fallout.  She started the site as a means for those affected by abortion to share their stories.

When I did a Google search on this topic, one of the search results returned was a website entitled feministing.com.  which bills itself as an "online community for feminists and their allies."  Unfortunately, their definition of  allies does not include those who oppose abortion. and they are not very happy about the "abortion changes you" subway ads, to put it mildly.    Evidently those at "feministing"  see the ads and those of us who oppose abortion as "anti-woman" (as per usual, females in the womb are the exception to the pro-woman rule).   And the comments over at that site hold a consensus  that the most important change wrought by abortion is the liberation of the pregnant woman.  One poor woman who commented that she had an abortion and actually did have regrets, was met with sympathy, but very little validation.   Doing so would have meant endorsing the ad campaign, and that would apparently be too big no-no among the feministing crowd.

Interspersed among the salty comments condemning pro-lifers was one that read:   If all of those pro-life people put their effort into encouraging responsible birth control use, there would be less abortions.  The name of the commenter?  "Sex Toy James" (Ummm "Sex Toy", maybe if you focused a little more on the awesome responsibility involved in creating human life, and a little less on your namesake, we would have fewer abortions.)

And , finally,  the feministing site's "community policies" include an unintentional irony.  Among the guidelines for participants in their community is a requirement that one refrain from "racism, classism and ableism."  As best as I can tell, ableism means discrimination against the disabled.  Funny, isn't it, that one of the primary reasons for abortion is a perceived disability in the unborn child.  Doesn't that rise to the level of "ableism"?  Just asking.

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