Friday, February 26, 2010

"On My Honor"...The Attack on the Boy Scouts of America

I have to admit, we weren't much of a Boy Scout brothers were more involved in CYO sports and model building clubs.  We girls were all enrolled in Girl Scouts, however, and a lot of the neighborhood boys were into scouting.  The memories of the Boy Scouts were all good.  They stood for honesty, loyalty, helping others and patriotism.  Their motto even began with "On my honor..."  What could be more respectable than that?

These days the Boy Scouts of America have been under attack.  In a Wall Street Journal article, Tony Woodlief writes that criticism of the Boy Scouts recently has centered on "God, gays and girls."  Sort of sounds like a microcosm of criticism of the Catholic Church.  What is it with the drive to take masculinity out of the male species, or, as Woodlief calls it, the "sissification" of the Boy Scouts?  I really hope that the Boy Scouts weather this storm and make it through with their all male identity intact.

Growing up, nobody seemed to mind or even to notice, that there were certain activities that were all boy and certain ones that were girls only.  Honestly, it never bothered me that I couldn't join the Boy Scouts.  As long as there are opportunities for all, and one gender isn't seen as superior to the other, do we have to eradicate all differences?

Well, hang in there Boy Scouts.  You may weather the "no girls" storm, but the next one headed your way is the fourth "g"...."Green."  It seems that PETA wants to do away with your fishing badge.  Just tell them to go jump in a lake! (but remember to do it honorably).

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